Thursday, 9 June 2011


I am not adverse to learning new tricks. Despite the old adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I am learning new tricks everyday.
Wait that doesn't sound right. But you get my drift.

The weather here is seriously bi-polar. One day I'm bundled up, and the next its sweltering. The last one week has been warm UAE standards, but BLOODY HOT for me.
I don't get the whole sunshine thing anyway. Its just highly overrated.

We went to buy a fan.
Look here I'm from UAE.
I want a fan I go to Carrefoure /Lulu or down Electra street, pick it up, bring it home (in my FJ), ask the watchman to carry it up to my apartment and plug it in. And its good to go.

Flash forward to Canada:
a) Select fan. So far so good.
b) Put fan in trolley. (Oh! I beg your pardon "CART")
b(i) Why is the fan in this box?
b(ii) Locate staff and ask him why fan is in box. (Why is he smiling? What does he mean some assembly required?) (Is that even English?)
b(iii) Decide to humour him and bring fan home.
c) Open Box.
d) WTF!!!

d(i) Seriously???
e) Turn on airconditioning.


  1. C4...........the electrical shops between where you & I stayed on Electra St......ahh such sweet memories! We were spoilt, admit it!

    Think yourself lucky you have a fan. I've got 2 paperthing waifs brandishing palm fronds, which they swing up & down, to the steady beat of a cowhide drum (which don't arf give me a headache btw)in an attempt to circulate the warm air in my mud hut!

    Finding decent slaves nowadays is just so tiresome.(Bring back Anil - all is forgiven! LMFAO)

  2. Assembling that is quite simple you know. Didn't the thing come with a manual with drawings on it??

  3. I admit it Jayne. We are right little tarts. albeit high maintenance spoilt ones.

    Mud hut indeed. If half the world lived in mudhuts with two Harleys and a Beemer, Africa would very soon go out of the WORLD AID bidness.
    Bring back Anil and bring back Niluka. I swear if I have to iron another pillow cover I will scream.

  4. Ouch Stained!
    Spoken like a MAN.
    Yes it came with a manual with umm drawings but you knw how many women it takes to screw on a light bulb. However in my defence it did not come with a DVD.

  5. My 5 year old niece knows how to screw on a light bulb. #justsaying :P

  6. LOL @ Jayne (anonymous)
    Woman you have to do something about this, I swear I dont know if its you or anyone riding on the wave of anonymity.

  7. @ Stained
    Your 5 year old neice is not a woman.
    We are special (needs!!)

  8. Of course it's me you dingbat!
    I kwite like being anon y'know LOL

  9. I understand the pain K. Whilst on an "adventure" streak about 3 years ago, I felt the apparent "want" to purchase a few chest of drawers from IKEA. They remain in the boxes to this day, unopened :D

    Which is why I purchase anything & everything from shops that "deliver" and "install" :D Of course the delivery & installation cost more than the purchase.

    And it's not just a woman, thang.

  10. Hey is that you Kaya from Abu Dhabi??

  11. Hey is that you Kaya from Abu Dhabi??