Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Hubs turned 40 yesterday!

The moment I have been waiting for since december last, when I turned 40 and the kids never let me forget. Especially the little one who chose every opportunity to blab, Mama is 40 and Baba is 39.
How crushing, when everyone assumes in our country the wife should be 5-7 years younger than the husband.
The double takes I got, and as the look registered in their eyes , I swear it was like one of those cartoon bubbles had popped up over their heads, or I had the benefit of subtitles. You know that withering jealous look from the women.
That: what does he see in her, and how did she she do it, at our age we are starving ourselves to look younger, and look at her.
Thats right BITCHES look at me. I need to lose a couple of kilos a couple of times (HAW HAW). I dont wear all those state of the art clothes, and I dont go manic when my hair curls up in the humidity.
I laugh at a good joke, I play cards till 4 am, I cuss when I want, and I am one of the guys. I'm an angel in the kitchen and the devil else where.My MAN likes my booty just fine.
Yes, I would smile smugly and say. I got myself a real spring chicken.
I have the satisfaction of being 40 and nawty till december! LMFAO!!!!
And heres the new darling I picked up.
Ain't he a doll. I sure know how to pick em!!
(nudge nudge wink wink)


  1. Hahaha isn't the 5-7 year age gap put so that the fellas can reach up to their counterparts' 'emotional' age?
    Anyway wish your hubby a happy b'day!Like they say...life begins at 41..er..40!

  2. You have very pretty hands. Are your feet as lovely?

  3. That cat is adorable... And your fingers looking pretty too!

    Glad you're in your 40's with a smile, and dragging that man along with you. May you two have many, many more happy years ahead of you!

  4. I forgot to do the SMS thingy for Nad, sorry, so belated Happy Birfday :-)
    As for the mog.........longer hair makes it more effective as a toilet brush hehehe.

  5. hahaha lol, you are funny :)

    Mabrooks and best to hubs on his b'day - for the lovely soul of a wife, the kids, the cat and all good things. May the good guy up there, guide you all thru greener pastures :) Girl, folks like you are so far and few between.

  6. aww..i want a kitty too...n nothing beats my maa marrying someone 20 years her junior...n i've been told she's a classy and hot moma..i love her :)

  7. Happy Birthday, N!!! Did Kaya buy you a new BMW to celebrate? :-)

    Kaya, your new kitten has a.t.t.i.t.u.d.e. - just like you!

  8. aaarggggggghhhhhh change the header pic habibti - it's out of focus! (personally I blame the cat)

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband! I'm older than mine too, by 2.5 years.

    Sweet kitten - looks adorable.

  10. *kaya - one reads about wonderwomen and you are clearly one of them...

    Here's to you and marital bliss - and all around you that clearly contribute to your happiness.

    Keep it up, you're an inspiration.

  11. Hahahah archer
    If it was an emotional gap issue than we would be looking at 20 years, because MEN are just overgrown little boys.
    Tacky rhyming at Bingo clubs also claim that men get naughty at 40. LMAO!

  12. @ footsie
    Thankyou. Used to have them.
    and are u a fetishist of some sort.

  13. @ tainted
    The cat is undeniably something I want to put in two slices of toast.
    Thankyou for the compliment. I remember your well maintained hands and nails. Now the only time my nails get to grow at all is when Im on vacation.
    Yes I am in my 40's with a HUGE LMAO. These are the best years of my life, and thankyou for your good wishes. To that I must say AMEEN.

  14. @ Jayne
    Mrs.W, I hope you are happy I changed the header pic. It wasnt that bad. BLAAAARRRP! (sticks tongue out)
    As for the cat, you are just not a puddytat person and u being mean. He is boodgie woodgie awwwww....
    Thankyou 4 ur wishes.

  15. @ rosh
    You say the sweetest things . Honestly.
    Thankyou . Bohat bohat shukriya. For the wishes. Allah aap ki saari dua qabool farmaiye. (May allah accept your duas) Ameen.
    I know that after all that we have been through, evryday despite all the things he does to drive me barmy, I love that man.
    And I dont miss an opportunity to tell him every day.

  16. Hello mars
    And welcome to my nut house.
    Lol! Really. I am sure your MAMA is a real classy lady.
    You can over and play with the kitty. I foster them for feline friends, but this one I think I may adopt myself.
    I salute women like your mama and vagabond.
    Nothing like a spring chicken ey ladies!!!

  17. Hell nzm darling.
    Have you crept back into the land of the living or is stil F**king PEACEFUL??
    Did I get my MAN a BEEMER? Lol no! Theres nothing in this world that he deserves that I can buy. He got himself a Rolex. I would have to sell my kidney to be able to afford that.
    So like the cheapskate I am. I cooked him a mind blowing dinner, and follow that up with some hugs and kissies and some more...
    Thanks 4 ur wishes.
    When are u back in Germany?

  18. @ vagabond
    Thankyou so much hon.
    He is he is adorable... oh! The kitten too.

  19. @ vagabond again
    You are 2.5 yrs older.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  20. @ i*maginate
    Hello jaan. Where are you these days. Not to be read.
    Wonderwoman. WOW!
    All I need is a pushup bra and a cape. HEE HEE HEE
    Thankyou for some of the kindest things said to me.
    I mean that. All of you guys say such heartwarming things, and its such a delight to read and its chicken soup for my soul.

    To EVERYONE.Thankyou for the love. the MAN and I thank you soooo much

  21. Hi jaan,

    I am glad I got those words typed and out of my thoughts, for your post really inspired me. I have been thinking about it since you posted it :P

    They say "youth is wasted on the young" but I think with people with your attitude life can be a happy merry-go-round. And to that, I aspire: thanks a lot, kaya, dear, for bringing light and inspiration to my soul!

  22. You foster cats for feline friends...thats so cool..I have adopted two and wish everyday I could get more...though I'm kinda allergic to cats (yes I'm mad!!!)

    'Mama is 40 and Baba is 39.'

    'what does he see in her, and how did she she do it, at our age we are starving ourselves to look younger, and look at her.'
    I can imagine that...my mom gets that a lot... :D

    A little belated Happy Birthday to your husband...

  23. WOW!!!! Sorry for being so crappy late!!! but happy zoooper birthday and don't give a toss what others say except that ur happy with ur 40 and that u celebrated in style! you deserve the best.. ok, now ur 40 i won't call you aunti :)

  24. Salams Ya buj
    thankyou for the sweet words.
    Welcome back old friend.
    You have been missed.