Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The king of Fruits.

The names of different varieties of Mangos roll of the tongue, each as rich and lush as the fruit itself. Summer is here and mango season is here.
My childhood memories are of buckets filled to the brim with crushed ice, and endless mangos buried under the ice. Of endless feasts of mango eating, and rolling over and falling into druglike stupor.
It is a remarkable fruit in the sense that it can be cut with a knife, sucked like ice cream or crushed for its juice.

Below are 3 of my favourites.

Considered as one of the best variety of mangoes available in Pakistan, it is without doubt not a mango for the fainthearted. The bouquet of it is enough to make you swoon with ecstasy. And the taste.
Uff! what can I say about the taste. It is mind numbingly sweet, and it just does things to your palate which no self respecting mango should do. Small wonder it is known as the KING of mangoes.
Mangoes should always be eaten ripe but firm and the chaunsa is no exception.


These little guys are what it means when they say big things come in small packages. Not growing more than the size of a fist, they are purely sucking mangoes. Select them ripe and gently knead the flesh in its skin, till the fruit feels pulpy and soft.
Bite of a small section of the top, and suck out the contents. These are fantastic, if they have been kept in the freezer for an hour then taken to the beach, or to the park. Its more like drinking mango nectar, and though sweet, the bouquet of Anwar ratole is not so intense.


The Sindheri is the little brother of Chaunsa. Not as sweet and not as intense. However it does not have that strand like texture which is often found in chaunsa. But not to be missed.

Mirza Ghalib , one of the most famous and influential Urdu poets (1797-1869) loved mangoes. He was said to be a connoisseur of mango's, and claimed to have tasted more than 4000 varieties of them
The story so goes:
One day, Hakeem Raziuddin, a famous physician of Delhi, who did not like mangoes, was sitting with Ghalib in the latter’s house. Some donkeys passing through the street sniffed at the mango peels lying there and moved away. The Hakeem exclaimed that even donkeys did not eat mangoes.

Mirza wittily retorted,“Yes. The donkeys certainly do not eat mangoes”".

Shaukh farmaiye. Bon Appetit


  1. I love mangoes. If you ever come to Singapore pls remember to try this Chinese-Malay dessert called "Mango Sago". Its my favourite! Ice, mango pulp & Sago seeds! Its fantastic!

  2. I love mangoes too but I have really been disappointed with the quality of them available here this summer irrespective of what variety they are from.... :(

  3. I HATE mangoes. Anything mango, the smell, the taste....UFFFF. But I eat mango chutney (go figure).

    I am also well known for making mango, pineapple and lime smoothies, although it has never passed my lips!

  4. wow i love mangoes!! I was in karachi last week for 5 days and had the sweetest mangoes everyday!! yummy!

  5. Mangoes and me NO go together. Am sorry, I can't be near one :)

  6. i vote for sindhri and anwar ratol. chausa har way too many raishas and mangos in malaysia suCKKKK

  7. Ive had that. But truth be told I dont like sweet things and do not like mango.
    But I will taste different varieties, simply for the culinary experience.
    I see my husband eating mango and rice, or even with parathas.
    My family loves mangoes, and especially my little one.
    For the next 3 months, I make trips 2-3 times a week to the veg market to buy mangoes.
    There will be endless mango lassi and mango shakes, and any which way to keep lil un happy.

  8. stained
    I dont like mangoes myself, but love the smell of chaunsa.
    I wait for the Pakistani mangoes, because I dont very much like the Indian variety.
    But this years crop is better than last year.
    The mango with the green/gold sticker comes from better farms than others.
    Another way to ripen mangos, is to bury them under rice(uncooked) for a day or two.

  9. cg
    Even though I am not a big fan of mangoes, I love the green ones, and make lots of pickles/chutney.
    But I love the smell of mangoes,and enjoy the seed funnily enough!

  10. clayF
    Mangoes and mango season heralds in a time of decadence.
    I know back home, mango is enjoyed and cherished, and people have huge MANGO SESSIONS.
    Then they just roll over and go to sleep!!
    I do like Lychees quite a lot. And no is the seson of lychee and mango.

  11. rosh
    No worries rosh. You are not alone. But if you saw the pleasure and satisfaction on my little ones face. It makes it all worthwhile.
    When they were younger, I would just seat them down on a mat in just their pamper,and let them go wild with the mango. After that a BATH was so needed.
    But theres things that you do as a child, and the pleasure of the memory is sometimes so fulfilling.

  12. karachidude
    Poori duniya ka aam khayya aur dekha. Unquestionably pakistani mangoes are the best.
    There is another variety called Langda which has a very unusual tatse. And they are HUGE.
    Langda even when ripe , remains green on the outside.
    You are here now, so put aside Malaysia and enjoy.

  13. I like the smell too, thats why I eat them though sometimes what smells nice may not taste nice also.. :(
    advice taken....under rice...hmm..time to tell my mom!!! :D

  14. Tainted Female27 June 2008 at 07:00

    Yesterday, I saw a commercial on tv here for edible bouquets. The most exotic fruit displayed was a chocolate covered strawberry. :( You just pointed out one thing I might actually miss about Dubai. The fruit may not be as fresh, but it sure is more exotic!

  15. The topmost photo certainly speaks volumes. Look twice, and you will see.

  16. Yo Tainted.
    Wazz up ya girly.
    Good to see ya. Sorry Im so spaced out.
    Actually Im not

    @ imaginate
    Looky bubba
    so wotchu see dat I aint seeing ?