Saturday, 2 February 2008

What a Gem!

Meanwhile everyones favourite *shiksa (no not Amy SharabBeit) has been in the news, and for a change its not her libido or lasciviousness that is the reason. Though then again in retrospect, since there is a MAN involved, one does wonder.

Now that Benazir is safely out of the way, our favourite supposedly reformed kinky boy Immu was out in full force in London, dissing poor Musharraf.
Quote Gulf News,"Jemima Khan, the former wife of cricket hero turned politician Imran Khan, was to join protesters in Whitehall, central London."I will be protesting Gordon Brown's continued support for Pakistan's dictator," Jemima Khan said in a statement.
Well, Jem hon seems to me you were protesting quite a bit against ex hubby a while ago and now you are out in full force championing his cause? Amicable divorce my ass! What the feck is an amicable divorce? Theres an oxymoron right there.

Jemima and Hugh Grant started dating soon after the end of her marriage to Pakistani cricketer-politician Imran Khan, and then split in January 2007. A close source told the News of the World: "Jemima's had enough of Hugh not committing. She can only put up with so much. She still loves him but he's just like the ageing bachelor character he played in About A Boy."
Their split became public on the same day Liz Hurley (Grant's ex-girlfriend) and Arun Nayar announced their wedding. (INTERESTING Nooooooooo?) One would have thought that Hughie's past record would be enough of a warning flag.
Parting shot: "Hugh and Jemima have decided to split amicably," Grant's publicist Robert Garlock told People magazine. ( Well, seems like Jem here is a real AMICABLE girl.)
The legendary Australia leg-spinner (Shane Warne), was in the spotlight recently for his alleged romantic involvement with Jemima Khan, ex-wife of former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan.
WAH! I tell you being bitchy and malicious is so yummy. I am just glowing. Why didn't I start it sooner.
I tell you there's nothing like a born again Muslim( check him out on youtube for a larf - talking about religion when he has been quite a notorious bugger among other things). So I guess a bonk for "old times sake", may not be on the menu after all. But Mashallah we should appreciate and encourage a brother's realisation that he had been walking on the path to HELL.

But you know who I feel SORRIEST for? It is without a doubt Musharraf.
Our country is a juvenile delinquent of the worst kind. Drugs, larceny, GBH, B&E, you know name it and its there on the rap sheet. Our people are like the foster parents who having taken in the disturbed individual push him just a little further by doing yet another nasty to him.
Even the best parents in the world cannot erase the years of abuse.
Mushaffaraf has faced much criticism of his rights record and concern over the February 18 polls, which many fear might not be free and fair. Our people are so ungrateful. They complain about what they don't have, and do not see what they do. Yet they make no effort to improve the condition of the country. Even at a basic domestic level they are busy finding out how to screw their neighbour.And any sod trying to do anything is punished.

So Missy HotPants why dont you take your sorry ass and PISS OFF and concentrate on what you do best. Cause you are FERCOCKT .

* A shiksa is a girl or woman who is not Jewish but the term is used derogatorily for a Jewish girl or woman whose attitudes and behavior are felt to resemble those of a gentile.
(For those of you who wont to get on the racial high horse this is not an anti semitic post. It has nothing to do with Jemima being Jewish)


  1. Oh, that chick is out. I wonder why Imran would divorce her. But then again, why would 'poor' Imran marry her from the first place? has Pakistan run short on hot women?

    Certainly not!

    N.B.: you have been tagged!

  2. Lol@ the description of your blog.

    I didn't even know that they got separated. I am living way in the past I think.

    I can only hope that everything that happens happens for the global good for the country.

    And you are right, we do like to complain about what we haven't got and fail to appreciate what has been bestowed on us.....

    On a lighter note now: Happy V day!

  3. you are tagged.

    Jemima? Jemima who?

    trash....utter trash.

  4. Sigh!
    What to do dj
    As they say in my country when your own coin is bad why denounce another currency.
    Well, Imran obiously married her to make himself feel younger, and so he set out to prove that he was better. But our colonial history is such, that some of us are still living in post seventies era when boys went to USA and brought home not a "t-shirt", but a "GORI" (white) wife. Not many of those marriages lasted.
    Miskeen, he is still stuck in his HEY DAYS when women thought he was HOT.
    Besides girls are getting smarter now, they dont want a squeezed dry old grape, when theres plenty of fresh fruit available.

    N.B I have been tagged?
    Huh? Whatchu mean??
    (oh noooooooooooooo... runs screaming into distance with hair trailing behind her).

  5. Hello shello Jas puttar. Ki haal hai jee?
    Dasso ke keeta weekend tay?
    You dont know they were seperated. Puttar , they toh are divorced, and baghairat aurat she toh is in and out of paraye mard ki bisstar.
    Chi chi. Aii din day waastay ainnu paal pos kay wadda keeta!
    Uff buss, forget exhausting ur punjabi ,mine is finished for the week.

    You too jaani. Happy V day.

  6. cg
    Salam Memsaab.
    What tag?
    Oh goody!!!
    Im going over to ur blog to chk what you and dj are up to.

  7. well, you have been to my blog, but as usual you are hyper .............anyway, as a Gori, what shall I expect from you....

  8. Hell I never got why Imi went for Jemima? Realize love is blind, though me thinks Imi is blind. 'cause Pakistan has gorgeous women folk.