Saturday, 17 November 2007

spell check

Brighting the future? Brighting? What is that some new therapy or cleaning agent?
Poor kids, as if things weren't tough enough.


  1. And there's no "the" so it's even worse - Brighting Future!


  2. cmon give them a break probably some south indian guy or some egyptian arab who has difficulty spelling..

  3. Contrary to what's painted on that bus, let's hope what they impart on those not so fortunate as us, does make a difference!

    That's what counts, doesn't it? That writing can always be corrected!

    Here's hoping!

  4. I am also looking forward to a brighting future, and here in the UAE I am sure to get one!

  5. hmmm, should they have said 'brightening'?


  6. Hey anonymous.
    I'm good at giving breaks. You have no idea how many breaks I want to give during the day. Honest. On a leg, on a skull,across a spine... really I could go on.

  7. @ AWOS.
    You are right hun. But you know even a one eyed man has to laugh sometime at his view.
    Ofcourse we all wish the children the best, and empathise with the parents.
    It was just one of those things that caught my eye and made me laugh. :D

  8. ey nzm!
    @ radha: spotting is indeed what I was doing at the intersection, unlike a man I can't pick my nose to pass the time.

  9. CG
    Sorry about the other day, just having a sucky day after another. No mood to do much and then ofcourse theres my permanent current attachment.
    Yeh we could all do with a bit of brighting I know.

    Dj: Yes darling, thats what its supposed to mean, apparently....