Sunday, 11 November 2007


When you stare too long into the darkness
The darkness starts to stare back into you.

How many times have you come across inexplicable acts of cruelty.
Children mocking another child, simply because he is different. Adults being abusive to another adult for reasons that are buried so deep in their soul, that it has corroded their insides. How many times has someone treated you in such a way that it has left your hands trembling, and your heart beating, till you were dizzy and nauseous.

Its happened to all of us, at some time or the other.
Last week my husband went down to put water into the radiator of my car. Our parking has an island in the center which has place for 6 cars. This island is accessible from both sides, but as a rule people enter the parking and go around the island to park in the inner space. There is one particular bastard in this building, who does not care where he enters from, or whether he has to run over anyone to park his car. A married man no less, with small children of his own. For those of you thinking he may be a local, let me assure you the few that we have in this building are perfect gentlemen.
This is an IRAQI, with a chip the size of Alaska on his shoulder.

Twice while I have waited to park my car he has streaked in and at an inch's distance from my car, and railroaded his SUV in. I told him once that I was waiting to park, and he just made a rude hand gesture, and went off.

It was 10 minutes, before I heard loud voices coming from downstairs, and as I looked down, a whole lot of people had collected and I could see my husband and the aforementioned man in a heated argument. The minute I saw him, I knew only too well what he must have done.

My husband unlike me is rather soft spoken, and as a rule tries to resolve a situation, without it getting ugly. This is why I was surprised to hear his voice raised in anger.

This is what happened.
Husband was standing by his car, assisting our neighbour in parking his car, and this guy did his famous maneuver. As he entered the parking, he didn't wait for my husband to move and drove over his foot deliberately. When my husband thumped his bonnet, he drove further and injured my husband's knee.

Then he (****face henceforth to be known as FF for short) had the cheek to tell my husband that his thump had dented the bonnet of his car. That my husband did not know who he was, and what he could do. That he was going to call the cops. Our neighbour, tried very hard to calm down FF telling him that it was HE in fact who didn't know who my husband was and whom he worked for.

But FF was on a FF roll now. He shouted I work for Sheikh *****, at the Equestrian Club. Just because he works with horses, does it give him the right to be a HORSE'S ASS?

By now my husband had called the Police who turned up, and heard the whole story. There were plenty of witnesses and FF suddenly turned meek and tried to hug my husband ( I was watching from above) and make like he had not been the rabid dog of 15 minutes ago.

The Police asked my Husband if he wanted to file a case, and my husband said YES, I do. FF was suddenly singing ANA ASIF ANA ASIF (I am sorry), and trying to pacify my husband with much hand pumping and shoulder patting.

The Police asked my husband to reconsider his complaint, and my husband said to the police that he only reason FF was apologising because he suddenly saw the picture as it was. That his anger issues would come to the front, and most likely cause him tremendous embarrassment at his place of employment. That FF was only apologising because of the presence of the coppers.
But the neighbours dragged my husband away and he did not make any formal complaint eventually.
As they entered the lobby guess what FF's parting shot was. He said. "Oh! You know I have been been in the building longer than you. I moved here in 2002.
There was just no point in telling him, that we moved into this building in 2001.

Cheap, sick sad and twisted little bugger.


  1. We need to get some obscene stickers made & then attach several to this f*ckwits SUV!

  2. Kismet, fate and karma will play a part and FF will get his dues in time.

    And to help with the process, just push him down the stairs the next time you see him!

    Good on hubby for standing up, but next time, get him to go the whole way!

  3. Uff that's terrible! I hope his foot and knee isn't too badly hurt? What an ullo ki patthi! Maar khaoge aik din voh!

  4. i'll be in Dubai in December, call if you need any man power. Haven't seen any action in months, starved for it :D

  5. what an arseho**... He thinks that he can tread on anybody\'s toe just because he rubs the ass of the shiekh\'s hourse?

    I\'ll be in the UAE next week, sign up for the next scuffle!

  6. karachidude, count me in aswell.
    we shall all be meeting in December to wring this guys bits. then he will be leaving the building.

  7. @ Jin
    Obscene stickers? no my friend. We need to get a baseball bat with metal rivets and break his knees.

    @ nzm: Habibti. I am waiting for the temo to go down on the dish. After all they say its best eaten cold.

  8. @ SS
    Salams. No thankfully, he has recovered from his injuries,they were not that bad. It was the act more than anything of the idiot.
    eerrrrrm... its ullu ka pattha....

  9. HEYkarachidude! Kya haal hai bhai?
    Busy busy!
    You coming down. Oh thats great. Bechaara at least you will get some decent khaana.
    Yarr was thinking. Wouldnt it be GRAND FUN if all of us got together for a desert safari.
    We ought to do something nahi?

  10. @ dj
    You said it buddy!
    He doesnt rub the ass of the sheikhs horse HE "IS" the ass of the horse.
    Yaar! I tell you. The people one meets.
    So , you wiull be back soon hey!. Well did u succeed in finding the RIGHT one? Btw I asked u some time ago when is your birthday.

  11. cg
    Atta girl I know I can count on you, as a matter of principle and honour.
    Lets SPAY the swine.

  12. hey, it's the 30th of Nov...
    Finding the right one? is there anything right out there? lol

  13. sure im up for it. one month of happiness then 5 months of hell. i cant wait to come to dubai and feast on women from 10 different nationalities, aankhen taras haye hein........ (no i dont have anything better to wish for)