Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A beach in Negombo


  1. Let's go now!

    #2 daughter looks really happy feeding the animals!

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  3. well.... sucky internet connection so no clue what the video is about.

    anyone care to tell me??? :(

  4. I love the crow that sneaks up for a handout in the background.

  5. cute squirrels!! they must be well fed by all the tourists!!! :D

  6. @ nzm
    She could not have been happier, and they were so tame it was irritating.
    She would sneak out cakes from the breakfast buffet to feed dem darn critters! :)

    Awwwww @ karachidude.
    Poor you. Here have some more NASI GORENG. LMFAO!
    (evil laughter in background)
    Heeheehheee, okay I will behave. One vid is of my lil one feeding squirrels and the other one is a 360 degree sweep of where we were staying.

  7. @ntsb
    The crows were reallr freaky. Honestly it was waaaaay too HITCHCOCK-ian for me.I am not a BIG fan of birds . Neither those stupid ornamental( budgies, cockatoos), nor the wild ones.
    The only birds I like are deep fried with a crispy batter.

    @ ClayF
    Skewrills were kinda cute actually.
    But soooo many! My gosh! The evening we went out to buy rambutan and some watermelon to snack on, and we forget the melon outside. The next morning they had ripped open its plastic bag, and very neatly eaten up the entire watermelon. All you could see was the outer dark green shell,and all these scooped out bite marks.

  8. Thankyou for the description.

    FYI i again have the flu + throat infection. 4th time in 2 and a half months. go figure