Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Back home.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

we borrow it from our children.

(Taken in a mall in Bangkok, Thailand)

(IM BACK!!!)


  1. Welcome welcome back!!!
    And it's about time too :)
    Can't wait for a proper post.

  2. So you holidayed in Asia!!
    How was it?
    Welcome back!

  3. Sir. as you were typing this comment, I was in the very same act.
    Though must say, I almost deleted the whole blog, in my mind . Quite a few times.
    How are you doost e maan.

    Hey Radha. Asia to mutt bollo yaar! Mera poora holiday ka satyanaas. Asia is like when you go to Pakkyland, Bingoland u know. Kya Radha!!!!

  4. Kaya.. you're conpusing me (filipino accent)!

    How come you were commenting on your blog at the same time I was commenting? It would seem that you were commenting to yourself which is a bit strange.. withdrawal symptoms from ur holiday I guess.

    Why delete the blog? Surely there are ways to avoid doing that...

    As for Hamsafar.. I dunno why u just got 8 secs.. I'll re-send it again.


  5. welcome back!! we all missed you!

  6. Nooooo Buj!
    I was typing my post as you were typing the comment.
    But the diff in time between your comment and mine is becaause I type reaaaal slow!

  7. Hey ClayF!
    Really I was missed.
    Now I may stick around a bit longer after all. hohoho!
    (Buj is prob right. I am cracking up either that or its true. I am STRANGE!)

  8. yeh.. at least u know how to type!!!
    the glass is half full...
    of course u were missed.. but i think clay missed u more :P

  9. hehehe! arre, here 'asia' refers to east-asia. when you want to say india/pakistan its called 'south-east asia'!!
    i picked up the term without realising it!!

  10. HEHEHEH Buj! Thats because me and ClayF are from the same city.

    Radha: Yaar what to do . Us oldies still living in the Sub continent/far east terminology!