Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Rush Die!

First thing in the morning what do I hear ?
Salman Rushdie is being KNIGHTED ?


I have read a few of his books and really: NOT MISSING ANYTHING THERE as far as literary works go. Forget Pakistan and Afghanistan getting their knickers in a twist, the whole MUSLIM world ought to.
What is this? Operation: Blair Witch Project . In a reversal of roles the Witch is being accoladed instead.
What has Rushdie done to deserve a KNIGHTHOOD? Well Gee! If they are giving it to Rushdie, then Bin Laden (WHO?) should get one too.
If Khomeni had not issued a Fatwa on Rushdie in 1989, no one would have heard of him. He would have remained an obscure, creepy bastard.

The British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Robert Brinkley said , quote " NO INSULT INTENDED" unquote.
Really Mr.Brinkley? When do you think we can take umbrage? After you have bitch slapped us a bit more? As a nation ? As a religion?

This is all about, sending a message to the WOGS/Bloody paki's as we are so fondly known as in UK. And great timing too I must say.
Now its summer, and all the loonies crawl out of their detonator shacks, so a crapload of people can look forward to a vacation racked with stress and fear.

Nice touch that. What does it do? I want to know? Help inflate prices?
Sorry, but no Cigar.
Its ironical is it not? That we be betrayed by our own kind.


  1. Have you read The Satanic Verses?

    He is an extremely accomplished author, and just because he wrote one work considered controversial by a minority of people, most of whom don't reside in the UK, that is no reason for the UK to deny him honours.

    The UK is a sovereign country and has the right to make whatever award it likes to its own people. Particularly as it is a nation that support freedom of speech, even when that same speech calls for an end to freedom.

    I am extremely glad Mr Rushdie has won this award. Not for The Satanic Verses, but because he is a brilliant author.

    This post really is not deserving of you, it makes you appear really foolish and reactionary.

  2. Ahhhh........my favourite PWA (Paki With Attitude for the unenlightened*) throws a wobble! In the other corner, secretdubai is calling her 'reactionary'.
    Terry Pratchett could write a whole new novel from the fallout of the Rushdie controversy.

  3. Yes I have read Satanic Verses, and Midnight Children and Shame.
    And I can't say I managed to finish any of them they were so boring and convoluted.
    Well. We all have our tastes and if you enjoyed his work and think he is brilliant, then you are entitled to your views.
    I got a lot of respect and admiration for you, and having said that I would rather read your blog over the rantings of Rushdie.
    I am not a religious fanatic, and I appreciate broadminded thought. But even for me, there are things I will always react to blindly and instictively.
    It is not about lauding his "brilliance" , it is about timing; and in view of the Danish cartoons,Pope's remark, the resulting violence, current affairs etc.
    Yup, Uk is a sovereign country and freedom of speech is wonderful, no matter whom it hurts. Because, HEY! The truth needs to be told.
    No doubt the success of a book like DA VINCI CODE speaks for itself.
    But to speculate about Prophets, innuendos of such sort, are simply not acceptable to me.

  4. There was so much hype about the satanic verses that I had a friend coming from UK to bring it for me. Ironically, she also worked in the Ministry of Information (that banned the book in UAE!!!!). coming to the point.. I read the book and it really wasn't all that it was made out to be. Just the controversy surrounding it and the fatwa and all that made it so popular it got even the most disinterested person buying it!!

    I support freedom of speech, but it has its limits. Whether you are a religious person or not, if someone mocks your faith, you will get provoked. Rushdie crossed those limits and who better to commend him than the british government! typical...

    We are all entitled to our opinions and I say KILL THE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!

    Secretdubai you sound like a mother disapproving of her childs behaviour. Tsk tsk.. kaya you naughty girl!!!!

  5. LOL @ ClayF!
    Yaar tussi great ho! (a punjabi saying, no desi backbiting)

  6. Also I am not in the habit of making a remark/forming an opinion on a person/actions without a base.

    @ JIN
    PWA! heheheh

    @ clayF
    As for Rushdie.
    Shakkal de Kunjarr lagda hai.

  7. kunjarr te hai aur shakal sheitan di!!! budda satyaa gaya hai!! he better go back into hiding again!! lol

  8. Kaya, I think they honored Rushdie for his 'courage'. He must have some guts for getting impious at 1 fifth of the world population…you know… like there isn't a 24/7 special UK squad watching out for his ass ever since the Khomainy's threat..

    What a courage!

  9. stupidity is what it is!! the govt gave him security 24/7 for a reason.. he better use it!

  10. Hey, I'm a big rushdie-fan. I havent read Satanic Verses (It was banned in India as well & I lived there at the time)...
    But I have read his other books, especially Midnights Children, I think he is an extra-ordinary writer...
    One doesnt necessarily have to agree with his views to recognise his talent as a writer.

  11. EXACTLY ClayF
    @ DJ
    What courage. He had the whole government running around wasting the tax payers money just so they could do the SUPER POWER rap.
    Money better spent on those who need it.
    @ Radha.
    Well this is true, and like I said we dont have to all have the same taste in reading. But for someone like me I would not endorse someone who has certain views that go against my values.
    ie if a person is a pedophile/wife beater then no matter which movie he releases that goes on to be the biggest gross seller of all time, or writes a book bigger than Harry Potter. I will not subscribe to such an individual.
    This applies in my personal life as well, be it friends or family.

    I didnt like Midnight's Children, and Shame was just like filing teeth with a nailfile.
    Bah! Humbug.

  12. Let me start by saying that I have not read any of Mr Rushdie's works. Whatever I've read in the media has put me off. However, one day I shall pick up his books.

    Good post Kaya and like you I feel disgusted. Fair enough the UK is sovereign. That might apply when giving honours, but not maybe when war is to be decided eh?

    The Queen's honours are actually very politically driven. If it was purely an "honour" then why doesn't HM The Queen decide rather than use the advice of 10 Downing Street?

    On the other hand, I felt that Robert Brinkley's comment of "No insult intended" actually was as offensive as the knighthood.

    If that's the first reaction you get out of the government giving the award, then you know they've thought about it and knew it would offend many people.

    I honestly don't know what the UK is getting out of this? Ok, Rushdie might sell a few more books, but he also might need to install a newer home alarm too, those things aren't cheap.

    I believe everyone should live in peace regardless of their opinions. Let's look forward to Rushdie's next move.

  13. But even for me, there are things I will always react to blindly and instictively.

    And this is the problem. Because it's reactions like this that breed extremism and violence. I don't mean you specifically - I mean worldwide. By the West on the East and the East on the West.

    We have to stop and think. We have to get above our gut reactions and stop and question them.

    There are people doing far worse damages and insults to Islam than Salman Rushdie has ever done. Many of in the name of Islam, such as Osama Bin Laden.

    I have gut reactions about things, but I am learning - or at least trying - to moderate them. I hear, for example, of a wannabe suicide bomber who blows himself up in the attempt. And my gut reaction is: "good, I'm glad he's dead, he was a worthless wannabe murderer and the world is better off without him".

    But when I stop and think about it - although I am glad his potential victims survived - it is only sad that some young man became so brainwashed and so desperate and so disenfranchised that he would do this. So rather than go drop a load of bombs on his village, we need to find a more peaceful solution.

    And with Rushdie, you need to get over your gut and ask: is it worth it? Has he really "damaged" Islam? Who has caused greater persecution of Muslims by their actions, Rushdie or Bin Laden? Is it better for the UK to ban freedom of speech, and no longer be a haven for dissidents, just so a few people of a certain religion don't feel "insulted"?

    And what is this great insult you all feel? Just because one person doesn't like your religion and wrote a book about it, is that really a reason to get so upset? Come on, it is a bit childish. I don't get upset when I hear an ignorant, bigoted comment about westerners, or even a more informed opinion that we are arrogant, or corrupt, or whatever. I don't get offended (or I try not to). I either think the person is a moron and forget them, or I argue against them, or I agree to disagree.

    Either way I don't weep and wail and gnash my teeth and demand their death. (Not that you are, obviously Kaya! but plenty of people have been calling for Rushdie's death).

    How would the prophet Mohammed react to Rushdie's book? Would he rant with anger and demand his death? I doubt it. I rather imagine he would sit down with Rushdie, and perhaps try to explain to him in a peaceful why why he felt misrepresented by Rushdie, and sort out their differences. Because I think Mohammed - like Jesus and any true man of God - essentially a peaceful, intelligent human being, and absolutely the last person to call for violence and death.

  14. Again I have no authority in religion here, but I reckon the Prophet Mohamad would never have killed Rushdie.

    However, he wouldn't honour him either.

    The Prophet has been thru much worse, and wouldn't lift a finger against others, even when he could.

  15. Dear SD, as far as you know, has the queen ever honored a personality for presenting the true, moderate and peaceful side Islam?
    I am not trying to pull a trick or something, I really don't know, I tried to look it up on the Internet but the categories are so many I couldn't come up with anything specific...:)

  16. The queen has gone bonkers.. the only real royalty who actually brought compassion and inspired the world was princess diana.. screw rushdie and screw bin laden... screw the queen too... hate politics!! lets end this topic or we could go on forever!! :P

  17. Damn, I'm late to join in this hot debate, but here I go anyway.

    -Rushdie has the right to freedom of speech... writing a shitty worthless book. OK!
    -Bush has the right to freedom of opinion... killing a few hundred thousand Iraqis... OK!
    -Blair has the right to freedom of expression... acting like somebody's dog. OK!
    - I have my rights too, right... Well screw them all.

  18. @ buj
    That was a well thought out concise response and it alongwith dubaijazz it pretty much points to how most of us feel towards the situation.
    As for dragging in prophet Mohammed's(PBUH) name in this whole scenario,and as to how he would react. let us not forget he was the chosen one and he did have to deal with much worse. But these are not the same times and we are not even 1% of him. Obviously if we could all be so tolerant then maybe the world would be a much better place.
    But as far as the issue of blasphemy goes, it is our right to defend our faith, as it would be our right to defend our flesha nd blood.
    All this civilised talk, abolish the death penalty, and talk about human rights is such a load of shit.
    Where did it all go when Iraq was bombed. The whole world is still waiting for those WOMD??
    What does Blair have to say to justify the death of hundreds on innocents?
    Did it justify the senselessness of 9/11. Did they get their pound of flesh? Gitmo bay? All those people. It is not a resort contrary to what Denny Crane thinks.
    This is nothing but the last stroke of Blair's sick twisted. his parting shot.

    Hey AbuFares.
    You are not late and I LOVE the way you and Clay F say it in so many words.
    How much money does it take every year to keep that idiot in a witness protection programme.
    Hard earned tax payers money.
    There are a thousand places it would be better spent.