Monday, 12 February 2007

Jin and I

I have been busy doing up the kids bedroom. I couldn't have done it without Jin. She painted two walls and I mucked up the other two
A BIG HUG AND THANKS to my own personal JIN-i.


  1. Well it looks GORGEOUS even without my help! :-) How did you get Jin off her sickbed - did you promise her more spicy samosas? :-)

  2. It's looking fab mashallah! What a change!

    Jin, you are too sweet to our Kaya!

  3. *blush*
    nzm - we did this before I got hit by the flu! I actually enjoyed myself heaps & kaya kept the coffee coming, so who am I to complain? :-)

    shaykhspeara..............kaya is a treasure, trust me. We do something for each other: we ALWAYS have a laugh!

  4. Ok whoz gonna do up my room then? :D

  5. Clay, that depends entirely on how much you're gonna pay :-)

  6. You guys seem to have fun together.
    Looks great!