Friday, 8 December 2006

halwa puri

My memories of my Dad and Pakistan are interwoven. We moved out of Pakistan after he passed away and apart for a few times hardly went back.
Th main reason being that my mother had no family of her own in Pakistan, and she couldn't deal with my dad's family.

I remember it bits and pieces. I was 4.
We lived in Rawalpindi and my dad was the Manager of Habib Bank.
Sundays in Punjab, is the day off. For dads to be home.
Every sunday, traditionally a breakfast known as Halwa Puri , is eaten.
Seldom made at home it is generally bought from a sweets shop.

This morning I woke up early for a friday and had a craving to eat halwa puri. So we went and had some.

The Halwa is made with semolina, and the puri's (fried puffed bread) are eaten with a almost pureed concoction of chick peas.

For a few moments, it was like being 4 again........


  1. I love halwa puri! There are only a few pak restaurants that have halwa that is less oily/greasy. Sometimes we used to get the chana from outside and my mom would make suji halwa.

    To really enjoy halwa puri, have it with friends on lazy days!!

  2. LOL @ Harsha!
    I love it too . Had it yesterday, after God knows when.
    But you are right about the oil content in their halwa. I could've cooked two curries in it.
    Prob why after that breakfast I couldnt eat anything else whole day!! Even tho I ate quite a bit of yoghurt to wash it down. Getting too old to eat this kinda stuff.

    But the weather is so lovely, and it was just that kinda day.

  3. Well D reb kiss ka hai tumko intezaar?

  4. you get this halwa in a lot of south Indian Restaurants in Dubai

    And try the halwa+puri+channa at Pak Gazi

  5. yuk.. pak ghazi sucks.. at one time pak ghazi and new delhi restaurant used to have the best pakistani food. Now their food tastes worse than my cooking! (and I rarely cook anything!) Ibrahimi, Daily, Ravi and BBQ Delights are good!

  6. Which reminds me, pak ghazi restaurant in sharjah closed down once and was fined by the municipality twice for unhygienic condition of the cooking area. Shows how much they care about their customers. In addition, I had a really bad stomach ache TWICE after eating there. No more!

  7. yaar never eaten there but heard its their speciality

  8. Their specialty is to poison their customers! Stay away!!

  9. OOh Pak Ghazi is nasty. In the beginning they were the PLACE for pakistani food but once I found a hair in their daal and that was that.
    BBQ delights is really nice, and excellent value for money. You get good food with a home cooking taste..
    Harsha jaan. Never ever ever compare Halwa puri to the muck u get at the south indian joints.
    They put bloody curry leaf in everything.
    As you would not go to Pizza Hut to eat idli/dosa likewise you do not eat halwa puri at a south indian place.

  10. nahi nahi... not halwa puri.. you usually get a similar halwa with a south Indian Thali - Thats good...unless some places make it reaaally oily.

  11. There is a small resteraunt somwhere near Nasir Square where me and my dad go to eat Halwa Puri and it is GOOOOOOODD.

    Dad's info: It is infront of Liyari.

    So every alternate friday me and my dad go at aroung 8 and have halwa puri in steel plates which no one in their right minds would consider hygenic but the taste makes it all worth it

  12. I want some!

    One of my favourite memories growing up in Fiji was coming home from school, and our ayah giving me roti and curry, while my brother had rice and butter because he didn't like curry!

    On special occasions or when she had time, we also got dhal and pani puri!

  13. Sounds yummy.. it is a hot or a cold dish?

  14. wow.. this is probably the strongest and most-emotional piece of prose i've read in a long time. may his soul rest in peace and may you enjoy the happy memories always.

  15. Halwa Puri se acha khana bilkul nahi hai! Ramzaan mein hum halwa puri hamesha khate te. Geez I sound like a 5 year old bacha explaining what she just ate to her teacher lol

  16. Salams Karachidude
    U know those steel "DHAABA"plates only enhance the flavour!!!


    Salaams. Yes its eaten piping hot. Cold its just NASTY!

  17. Aaaah NZM....NZM NZM NZM....
    (says it all!!)
    Nxt time I shall have daal and pani puri for you! :)

  18. @ SS
    LOL!!! Nutter.

    Always nice to have you visit, pleasure to read you. You found what the post was actually about.
    brilliant that.

  19. Thanks Kaya :)
    Actually I was surprised that most people responded by stomach rather than heart...

  20. Oooh.. I hear my cheese croissant calling...

  21. Kaya: It's a date! lol.

    BTW, you slack blogger, get over to Global Themes and start posting your pics! :-)

  22. Shall send the Mrs. to this blog.

  23. I wish I could print that out and eat it!