Monday, 16 October 2006

Will Jah provide the bread?

Ain't it grand, what you can buy at your friendly neighbourhood supermarket.
Now I can grow it , or inhale it.
Its absolutely LEGAL.


  1. Alrighty then!

    I'm on my way to your place! lol.

  2. I made arrangements for munchies! See you then.

  3. Count me in as well.

  4. clayfuture: well you can just sniff the cones and bake the brownies while we grow the poppies! lol

  5. @nzm
    Oh thats so rich! I love it!

  6. Spliff scented sticks............oh my word, what a pleasure! Kaya, count me in on the orders please! The smell of that has got to be better than the singed goat & fried onions I'm getting every day from a neighbours apartment!

  7. singed goat? Crikey...

    Talking of animals, I was at the vets a few days ago getting some cattle vaccine and thought I would take in the rabbit to have his nails clipped (yeh yeh, I know, I would rather castrate the bull than clip the rabbits nails) and the vet was laughing his head off...he said they were like frigging toothpicks..this rabbit was walking on stilts.......LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  8. Jin my gal!
    Dem teengs be juss sitting here in a pretty green circle. Waiting for de day the chocolate cake and de coompany of de few good friends to be spreading de world of love love love.
    OH! God singed goat. I thought my neighbours were bad with that disgusting smell of god knows how they cook fish.

    hmm that wabbit didnt need a vet, it needed a salon.