Sunday, 22 October 2006


Last night I decided to watch TV. Tired from all my chores, I thought a bit of mindless drivel will help me unwind.
Unfortunately most of the drivel was so mindless that it wound up stressing me out further.

I wound up at BBC World.
This was about 1 am, my attention was drawn to the programme, which had already started.
The host was Salman Ahmad ( member of the Pakistani rock band Junoon), and he was visiting his aunt in Colorado.
During the course of the programme we were treated to a view of her home. It is fair to say that the aunt (SEEMI) was very very well off (read stinking, rotten, rolling- in money rich).

Pakistani's by origin, they have been in America for almost 30 years. She showed us around the home which had more pictures of Bush plastered on the wall then probably Bush's own home.
They are great bosom buddies with Bush.
So it goes without saying they are great fans of Bush and highly recommend and endorse every act of Bush.
The family has set up a website called Muslims for bush, and go around advocating the Devil.
Listening to Seemi wax eloquent about Bush, and saying things like, "The best thing Bush has ever done was invade Iraq, because if he had not done it , I would" or "ISLAM is a sexy religion".

Is this woman stupid or so blinded by the affluent lifestyle to have fallen to level. How degenerate can someone be. Is she so scared of losing her comforts that sucking up to Bush is all she can do.
Seemi's daughter has written a book, which is more an apology for being a Muslim.
It was very annoying and irritating to listen to this woman rant and blissfully her nephew, Salman Ahmed has more brains, and would question his aunt's nonsense.

From Colorado, Salman moved to Chicago, where he met us with the crew of "ALLAH MADE ME FUNNY", and the viewer got to watch and listen to some very sane and sensible views. (Not because they were Anti Bush but because they were rational coherent thoughts).
We watched as Azher Usman and the others performed at one of the top notch clubs in Chicago (Zanies) and also went live on the radio.

Onwards from there, to Detroit. There Salman met up with a lawyer of Egyptian origin, who explained what it means to Be an American Muslim, in USA today.
This lawyer Shakeel told the viewer of one day, when a man walked into his office and spoke of the atrocities committed towards him. Untill then the lawyer had never heard of Abu Ghraib.
Today his office is overflowing with cases related to Abu Ghraib. As he showed the disturbing images , I though how far is this from Seemi's world. Does Seemi not see, or simply deny everything which is not all AMERICAN PIE, white picket fences, and a Chevy parked in the garage.

The programme was really well made, and I am just sorry that I came across it a little late. Unfortunately by the time I post this the repeat telecasts have also been aired.


  1. Eid Mubarak Kaya, hope you have a spendid day.

  2. Disgusting Kaya... I hate people so blind. And I agree, the woman doesn't sound insane for backing Bush, but some of those comments are horrorific! Just stupid, really.

  3. Thanks for the link I missed the program..major yaar.

    Eid Mubarak though!

  4. A wise man once said: "the only thing thats worse than a hoe... is a stupid hoe"

    I think it was Chris Rock

    Eid Mubarak Kaya to you and ur family :)

  5. Sounds like that woman can't see the forest for the Bush!

    Her time of judgement will come, Kaya, karma will see to that!

    Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones.

  6. Hey Kaya, it's frustraying, really, actually it's more than frustrating hyow people chose to go blind. I agree with moryarti for that matter. Anyways, forget about it for today is Eid. Happy Eid!!

  7. @ Professore
    Amzing that.
    Sorry Hon. Wishing u a late EID MUBARAK.
    To everyone else too. Sorry for delayed response but ITS BEEN LIKE CRAZY around here!!!
    Love YAWLL!!!

  8. kudos to Salman for question his own Aunt.

    Everyone doesnt do that.