Monday, 16 October 2006

accidental death

What will happen if someday
I see her talking to you
An accidental meeting
Its almost like deja vu

How blind can a woman be
When she sees beyond doubt
How dumb can a man be
When his lies run out

What will you say
That I haven’t heard before
We are just good friends
Isn’t really funny anymore.


  1. errr. The mixture wasnt right.
    Next time you do the brownies.!

  2. why is females scared of death?

  3. LOL @ Balushi!
    Because there are no male "HOORS"for us, and we have to recycle the same ole MEN!

  4. Nice blog Kaya, and nice poem.

  5. No Kaya thats not the reason! - u shud say thses things to clafuture not me!

    I am the one who helps the needy so i will tell u why!

    Why do you find more females in Hospitals than men?. Because they scare of death!!!

    Why you would find less female working at army? Because they scare of death!!!

    Why few female wouldn’t take Man’s job? Because they scare of death…

    And so on….Now why female scare of death… Simply because they know they have little chance going to heaven!!!

    Yes, believe me or not but that’s the main reason…

    Female have very little trust that they would go to heaven, don’t ask me why but that’s what is in their mind.

    The Hell thingy really clicks their minds all the time so all they keep on thinking is to try and live for ever….

    Now, I’ve got good news for you females!!

    If you believe in ALLAH, do your prayers 5 times a day without skipping the time, nicer to your MAN, respect your man, follow the Islamic behaviour etc then you have BIG chance going to heaven!!!... How about that…

    Now, what scares Men most!

  6. @ achinaar
    Thankyou , and Thankyou again.

  7. But BALUSHI you should be overjoyed. No women in heaven but the "HOORS", and if you be real good you may get the 99 FLAVAS too!
    I am never ceased to be amazed at your thinking powers. I am zapped infact. Bowled over.

  8. Is this another item on the agenda over the mega cappucino hmm?

  9. Oh Feck Kaya. Where is your strength girl.....
    Stand up and fight like a true *****.

    I will call you before I get out of town soon.

  10. Yaar tum ne kya shuru kiya hai? lol

    Didn't you know women get their own kind of houris?

  11. @ SS
    Whats the point of HEAVEN if MEN are going to there too!
    Gimme a German Sheppard; and a couple of siamese/persians. Ooh yes and a FREE membership to a Library.
    Thank you very much.

    Yes ClaYF!
    Whatcha gonna do? Bad boy!!

    Yo Jin! Thats going to be one MEGA UPSIZED order of coffee! make sure the bathroom is close by. LOL

    AAh CG, thankyou for that call. Never fail to warm me cockles. Yer a fine lassie ye are.

  12. @balushi, get outta here!!!!! (figure o'speech) female are scared of death??? like men are not? do you live on planet earth? women live longer coz they're wiser, women do not fight in armies coz they know how to use alternatve weapons.. and who's talking about what's in women's mind? a man? that's a funny joke, unless yoy were a woman in your previous life, then it would be interesting to share experience...

  13. When there's nothing left to say, then the game is over for both the man and the woman.

  14. Hello Flic.
    Welcome to my world.
    The game is never truly over.
    Never think that is. the minute your guard is down.

  15. Hey Kaya..
    nice blog, and great post.
    i guess we do die a little with every disappointement, with every treason.
    (and glad the logo worked out)

  16. HEY MAYA
    Thanks for letting me use it Hon!
    All thanks must go to D-reb as he is the one who did it. I would have sat here till next tuesday trying to get that done.

  17. Mr Clay I believe she means the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

    Where are you hiding? Sub theek hai?

  18. kaya: just remember what I wrote - any harm comes to our Kaya, and there's gonna be at least 20 angry bloggers out for blood!

  19. @SS.. ohh that logo! I read an article in a magazine that even men are prone to breast cancer, although a very small percentage!

  20. Thanks Kaya, no problem at all. Why no post for so long ? have you been blocked again, lol. All this spam you create causes so much trouble.

  21. @ NZM
    Of the all the most wonderful things anyone has ever said to me , this is the sweetest by far.
    If I could I would get onto your blog and HUG you breathless.

    @ DREB
    Why no post?
    Dear old Etisalat playing mind games.
    And just have been so busy,with the last days approaching.

  22. Hello Kaya: Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful Eid Al-Fitr and happy holidays.

    Eid Mubarak :)