Saturday, 16 September 2006

tag shag....

The Pareshaan Munda has tagged me.

I am thinking about...
Mai khayaal hun kissi aur ka mujhay sochta koi aur hai (I am someone's thought, some body else is thinking of me.

I said...

To my husband this morning. If the CPU doesn't go for repair today : I will close shop, and no dinner. (He has taken it ater much mumbling under his breath)

I want to...

Go back to 12 years, a time when my tongue was not so sharp, and I believed in unicorns.

I wish...

My children to be free from the sins of the parents.

I miss...

Slow lazy days, of just looking out of the window and watching the rain.

I hear...

But I do not want to listen. I turn my face away.

I regret...

Not completing my education, words spoken in anger.

I am...

..not really me.

I dance...

To music no one hears.

I sing...


I cry...

Watching movies.

I am not always...

So brave and strong as I pretend to be.

I write...

To cleanse and heal.

I confuse...

Damn right I is! A confused cookie.

I need...

3 wishes.

I should try...

To slow down, calm down. Take a chill pill.

I finish...this tag and I tag


"Shaykhspeara Shaira*"swedish babe

"KeefieBoy"* Agha Keefie

"NZM"*m and j



  1. I see the tag.. wheres the shag?

  2. "I am thinking about...
    Mai khayaal hun kissi aur ka mujhay sochta koi aur hai (I am someone's thought, some body else is thinking of me."

    I think those are lyrics to some song... unless you're hinting that a lot of guys are after you!! :D

  3. So I'm the pareshan munda, lol. What makes you say that. You'v got it all wrong, tension leney ka nahi hai deney ka hai.

  4. arrey, kaya - we have so much going on in Berlin, and now this is the 3rd tag that I have to do!

    I promise that I'll get to it as soon as I can!

  5. @ harsha
    HAI HAI Ladki sharaam karro. Sab kay samnay karna thodi hai!

    @ clayF
    Yes very much the lyrics to a ghazal.
    But I didnt say... khayaal hun sab ka, mujhay aur bohat soch tay hai.....
    Sochnay ki baat hai. Sirjee!

    Aap ko naam nahi pasand hum badal daytay hai. Goui gul nahi . Tum kaho to sahi.

    @NZM: Array yaar! If it wasnt for us, who would bug you! ;)

  6. main soch soch kai thak jata hoon!

    mere ko aur sochne ka nahin mangta! heh..

  7. Don't tag me no mo'! Not doing it.

  8. @ CG
    Cause I wuv u so.

    Yessah Nossah. tree bags full sah!

  9. @Kaya- Lol, Badalna Parey ga Zille Elahi khush nahi, in future you can only address me with my rightfull title of His Royal Higness, lol.

  10. tag shag?
    does that mean we get shagged after being tagged or what?

    Me no need shag...and no need tag too.

  11. CG
    We all need a shag.. eventually. Nothing like a groovy shag.

    CHI CHI! (Shame on me..TMI)