Sunday, 17 September 2006


Mashallah... It is one year since I started blogging.
My blog is 1 year old.
You can send your presents to via DHL/Aramex. I don't mind really.
But please no flowers or wallclocks.
And now to mark the occasion with a heartwarming (if you dont pass it on to 6 people -you are doomed) story.
Yesterday in Carre4, I was standing in the kiddies section looking for something when suddenly I hear . " Yoohoo auntyjee!Axxqweez me please".
I am there with my two kiddies, and I am wondering WTF???
I see coming towards me a man dressed in white (not an angel, more like a FAIRY!). He is waving his hand at me. You know that flapflap wave at the wrist. His white pants are so tight, I worry if he bends they will rip for sure. His white shirt is open at chest and I can see (excuse me while I throw up here) ....Oh God!Please do not make me say it. He is a full fledged DESI CHAKKA! (a chakka is a term for fairies).
From across the aisle he comes waving his hand flap flap, "Helloooo". What is it about these people? Can they not walk like normal people. Do they have to walking in that mincing, hips thrusting, butt shaking prance. Our DESI homosexuals are very stereotypical.
There he stands in the famous I am a little teapot stance, and says: Auntyjee, mujhay na apni neice kay liye kuch kapday khareednay hai. Mujhay to koi idea nahi hai, buss woh teyyn saal ki hai aap ki beti ki tarah". (He wants to buy something for his neice who is 'teyyn'-10 years old like my daughter).
Here he points at my 4 year old who doesnt look 'teyyn' from anywhere.
He is at the least 45 plus, with hardly any hair and smells nasty.
I look at him, the kids look at him.
"WHAT IS IT MAMA?' is the look in their eyes.

Aunty?AUNTY!!! Do I look like your aunty you numbskull? He is more like my "√°nkayl", thought god forbid I have an uncle like that.
End of story I did help him out, and watch him wiggle away. My kids wouldn't stop laughing.
So here I am , my blog is a year old.


  1. Auntieeeeeeji - maybe he meant 'teen' saal ki?

    oh btw.. this is getting to be a common practise among men now.

    few months ago, my mom ended up helping a sindhi uncle buy clothes for his fat wife.!

    and he kept asking her "usse yeh colour toh pasand aayega na"

    haan meri mom ki toh bachpan ki dost hai na woh.. ayeda saala.

  2. Lol, Aunty Kaya, happy birthday to the blog, its 12 days older then mine. so its also my blog's uncle. Happy Birthday uncle blog.

  3. Aunty Kaya

    Alf Mabruk on your blog.

    More congratulations on your supermarket conquest. Wow you are one lucky mama...oops Aunty I meant.

    My blog is one month behind yours, so I shall send your gift now.

  4. Oh god I hate hate hate these chakkas... why don't they just get a sex change and get it over with! To look like a man and act like a woman is fking creepy!! I've seen a couple of filipino queens with bitch tits! They were like large thumb tacks sticking out from under the tshirt. I almost puked that day. It was the most disgusting thing ever! yucky! and it was in Sharjah of all places!!

    Great.. now my wacky brain is visualizing that scene again.. the nightmares are back... AAaaahhhhHH!

  5. oh btw.. mabrouk on your blog, aunty! oops...

  6. Aunty jee, mai bhi kuch khareedni chaiyyeh, meri dadi amma ke liye, kya aap mujhe madat kar sakti? lol

    Bohot mubarak ho!

  7. Happy BlogBirthDay Auntie Kaya!

  8. Happy birthday to Aunti's blog.. interesting all these blog 1st birthdays coming up.. blogging seems to be a part of life yet it's just about a year old for most of us..

    amazing how much we take for granted in a year.

    boht mabrook!

  9. hey
    u got a nice blogs.... keep on posting....i was jst passing through when ur post catch ma eye n i couldnt stop readin n laughin...
    gr8 gal...keep it up...
    leavin ma mark n showing some paki lov n respect

  10. '@ Harsha.
    No he definately menat 10.
    A man who doesnt utilise his equipment for what nature intended, what else can you expect from him.
    But tumhaari baat sahi hai. The best place to hit on/ pick up housewives seems to be supermarkets.

  11. RIGHT!! I was just asking for the AUNTY attack wasn't I.
    Thank you all for your wishes.Everyone.Couldnt have done it without you all.

  12. @cg
    Your birthday is coming up, since you wont answer your phone, where can I send yours? (gift)

  13. @ clayF and Shaykhspeara
    Bohat harri harri tum donno ko soojh rahi hai. No?
    Very funny laughing at the senior citizens.

    Khwab and Zia Khan.
    Thankyou for dropping by. Do have some cake. :)

  14. Oii Dreb
    Dasso ki naam tennu chahiye.
    I shall make the changes.
    Oh jahaaanpanna! Zille elahi? Silly Elahi na?

  15. Happy Blogging Birthday (auntie) Kaya!!

  16. @ kaya. I think the given name is quite all right, pareshan munda lol i rather like it. silly elahi ? where do you come up with this stuff, lol.

  17. Mabroook Kaya .. sorry Aunty for the late post ...enshallah 100 blogger years :)

  18. @ Professoré

    Ameen. Thankyou.
    And you my good friend.

  19. please mind my total ignorance of the subject, but what does "Pareshan Munda" mean?!?!!?

  20. Buj it is punjabi for scared or frightened or worried guy.