Tuesday, 1 August 2006

till we meet again

all my bags are packed (well almost) and I am ready to go.......

The time has come, to bid ye farewell.
But not for long.
I shall try to have fun, and whether I am given a new lease on life, or not.
I shall enjoy every moment as it is my last.
To all of you. Thankyou for the moments shared.

SD, Keefieboy, Moriarty, CG, Shaykhspeara, Jassim, NZM, D-Reb,Jin: A special thanks.
To everyone else, take care.
Goodbye, see you all in 2 weeks.



  1. Have a great time hon & I genuinely hope whatever medical treatment you have to have makes you feel heaps better :-)
    Enjoy & come back happy, relaxed & with lots of pics OK!

  2. Have a blast Kaya.


  3. Hope you have a fun trip and an enjoyable holiday.

  4. hey. thx for visitin my blogs keepin info of thailand. welcomin to thailand anyways and if u want any suggestions. plz ask me :)

  5. Enjoy :-) They have internet in Thailand. No?

  6. Hope you are enjoying your vacation and hope inshallah the more serious stuff goes well.

    Lots of love!

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