Monday, 28 August 2006

the road to thailand...

First we have the bling bling of DIA. (Dubai International Airport)

Let us very quickly zoom through the BIRLINDA RESORT "FIASCO", and move towards the AMBASSADOR hotel on SOI(meaning street) 17.Where we eventually stayed.
This is the daytime view of the entrance to the hotel.At night everything looks totally different.
It was next to impossible to get a room and WHAT PRICES!!! It seemed like half of UAE and KUWAIT was out there.I have been to Thailand twice before but never seen so many Arabs... and that too with full family. (mama's, wives, babies, kids and 2 mandatory housemaids). My husband told me that every summer they tend to move home to Lebanon, but as they couldnt go this year.
They have flocked down here. Even though some of them persisted in that , I go through one eyeliner a day , all in black, heavy cloying perfume look, the humidy got the better of them I guess. It was really nice to see arabs behaving like normal people. Wearing normal clothes, joking,laughing, haggling over the prices, and interacting with everyone.
No hang ups, none of that landcruiser/bruiser attitude.
I learned a lot this trip.
The Thai are such humble, gracious, gentle people that is really stupid to be haughty or arrogant with them or show them attitude of any sort.
Whether you spend 10 baht (1 dirham) or you spend a 1000 baht. The respect and politeness of these people is unlike anything you will ever experience in the world.

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