Monday, 28 August 2006


This is a picture of the BUMRUNGRAD HOSPITAL foyer.I am sorry its out of focus.
The BUMRUNGRAD is not just any hospital. It is the BURJ AL ARAB of hospitals.

Let me give you an example of NEW MEDICAL CENTER in AbuDhabi. Supposed to be a very good HOSPITAL with all state of the art blah blah.

I guess no matter how much money you, have once you hire people from back home ( a fatal flaw amongst South Indians) you very often get that kind of service. I am not saying its wrong to hire your own kind. Infact most of us will very often give you the example of the south indians as to how loyal and devoted they are to their kind. (note this only includes the coconut grove community.... the rest of India can go fly a kite).But even amongst their people I am sure they have plenty of polished (seeing how highly educated they all are) individuals.Then why is it that when they will charge the patient through every orifice he has (the poor bastard). Why then can they not hire smart polished people to fit in with their shiny new offices, and their shiny new machines.

Mr.Shetty and Mr.Varkey see the big picture for sure.But remember what I said about taking the stable out of the horse.

You walk into NMC, and before you can open your mouth, the word money is used 20 times. Your mode of payment, if you are covered by insurance, what your insurance covers, and a flurry of photo copies and faxes ensue to get all authorisation for the MONEY$$$$ . Typical small town petty mentality. Then you can see the Doctor who will recommend umpteen tests for you, pass you to a few colleagues who specialise in your ailment and after all that a shitload of medication will be prescribed. A lot of times these medicines can only be bought at their pharmacy, and even more often when you come back after the course to say the medicines don't seem to be working so good . Then you get a fresh batch of medications. GO FIGURE !
TheBUMRUNGRAD has a shuttle service that runs free of charge, around the vicinity to pick and drop patients/visitors etc.

From the minute you enter the premises you don't get that smell we all associate with hospitals and death. Beautiful elegantly dressed, young Thai women or men greet you in the softest of voices. They all speak English, and many other languages and guide you to where you need to go.

International patients/in patients/out patients all organised on different floors. There is a massive food court, and many other coffeshops, restaurants, florist, bookshops.

Every step of the way a smiling face to greet you guide you ,assure you, offer you tea/coffee or water. My god! It is not a HOSPITAl its a 7 STAR HOTEL! And with the prices at said 7 star hotel charges, believe me the BUMRUNGRAD

is not expensive at all. The 4 days I was there getting my things done, I was treated like a Queen.I met the oncology surgeon and many other specialists in the field. At no point was the wait too long. Even the test results would get done in maximum two hours.It was only at then end when I asked I was guided to the payment counter. (Unlike NMC where everone is quoting prices to you like its a greeting.) Even the payment counter is awesome.My husband and I were just awed. I made sure he had a complete overall checkup since we were there and it was not pricey either. Just the luxury of being treated the way they do in that hospital is worth paying extra for.


  1. Excellent! I've heard people going for Lasik in Thailand and praising the standard of service and treatment. From what you say here, it appears that it is across the whole spectrum of medicine.

  2. No jokes NZm.
    I tell u an incident.
    I was at one of the counters filling in some forms and I sneezed.
    Out of nowhere two peole preoffered me a tissue with huge smiles.

    One thing I noticed in Thailand. It really is the land of SMILES.
    I have come back with such a different frame of mind and inshallah I aim to keep it as long as I can.
    Yesterday in Carre4, I had emptied out my trolley and was waiting for the guy to begin the tally, when a lady with a cranky baby joined the queue.
    When I offered her to go before me ( she only had a basket anyway), she acted as If I had given her a million dirhams. She could not stop thanking me.
    I feel ashamed of all the times I have become annoyed or bullied my way into situations.

  3. It's amazing how the environment can affect the way in which people behave. It takes conscious effort and purposeful decision to choose how to respond. I'm always mindful that I should respond and not react because to me a response means that I choose to control of my behaviour, whereas a reaction is negative and based upon the influences of the events that surround me. I still have momentary lapses of reason! lol

    Didn't it make you feel really good after you had allowed the woman and the baby to go first? It was a great choice that you made - so much better than getting grumpy because of the grizzling baby!

    Clayfuture over at Carpe Diem blog has this interesting post - the 90/10 Principle based on Steven Covey's writing.

    I've told him to crosspost it to the UAE Community Blog - it deserves to be read by a wide UAE/Global audience!