Sunday, 27 August 2006

Movie festival

I think instead of boring everyone to tears with "detailed" accounts I will just bore everyone anyway.

Be it Bangkok or Malaysia, cinemas there are a treat to attend.
Mainly because tickets cost around 10 dreams for adult and 6 for children.
Even with a children's movie the cost of the ticket remains the same.
Then there is the POPCORN and all the other edibles which are available in such a wide array, and priced very reasonably.
I have to say the usual fast food outlets be it KFC or MickeyD's, are way way cheaper than here.

The service in Thailand is something I can never talk enough about or get over.
It must be said that NOWHERE in the world are people more gracious and polite.

Movies we saw,
PIRATES of the Caribbean
Miami Vice
Monster House
You Me and Dupree
The break up
Nacho Libre
Snakes On a Plane
The Sentinel
Lady in the water
and KANK (indian movie)

I have never seen so many movies in a whole year or even 2 years in UAE, but I MUST WARN YOU.

Whatever you do . DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT watch and utterly butterly waste your money on Mr.Night Shayamalan's latest nonsense.
For a man who created the 6th sense, and since then has succeeded in going downhill faster than a speeding bullet. His latest offering is such tripe that its unimaginable.
The whole nonsense is some bedtime story concocted in his warped mind.
Its true what they say: You can take the horse out of the stable, but never the stable out of the horse.
Our head nodding Mr.YEM YEM man of the southern states may speak in his yankee accent and for all purpose think he is Americanized. But deep down (and that also not too deep) lives the coconut oil and curry leaf man.


  1. Add Miami Vice to the list of don't-sees. It is truly awful.

  2. itna kharcha karke kya pichar dekhne gayi thiiii??

    Nothing first night
    2 hours the following night and 2 hours last night.
    Someone PLEASE HELP!

  4. Couldn't agree with you more about M Night's latest disaster .. How could such a talented man fall so far so fast? Of all the movies on your list, I'd have to say "Nacho Libre" was my favorite .. Jack Black was great, and I laughed almost nonstop

  5. Yeh NACHO LIBRE had some good moments.
    I also really liked MONSTER HOUSE.
    My husband liked CLICK.
    It was a PROFOUND movie for him.
    But Shayamalan... what is going on with him.
    And to make matters worse he has taken to acting now too.