Wednesday, 30 August 2006


I do not make a lot of political statements simply because true democracy is like a finding a virgin in a brothel.
However yesterday when my husband showed me this document his cousin has sent him. (A professor at a major university), I thought I would put it here to ask your opinion.

Here is my opinion in view of all the paranoia and racial profiling shenanigans.
America should reopen ELLIS ISLAND and rename it with a proper Muslim name instead of some racial slur.
Since NEW YORK is a major hub anyway for most flights this will serve as a base.
Airlines will now divide passengers NOT by First/Business/Economy but by MUSLIM/NON MUSLIM/CAUCASIAN.
One problem solved, if any plane is blown up, only our people will DIE at the hands of OUR people.
When we arrive at Ellis Island we will be placed in cubicles until each and every item of our physical being, (probes/DNA tests/fingerprints/eye scan) and our luggage has been tagged and bagged.
We will then in detail give the names of every place we will visit and whom we will visit.
Our passports will be kept at this facility and we will be issued ID cards. Everytime we enter/depart any state we will have to report to an immigration office.
Finally we will all receive tracking devices placed on our ankles.

And a gesture of goodwill the facility will have KFC, PIZZAHUT, BURGER KING, MickeyD's outlets.



  1. How very true, with the way things are going there is no knowing when the situation becomes as such. Even today traveling to the US for a Muslim looking person is a nightmare.

  2. I can't read it!!! The font is too small. :(

  3. @TF
    It gets big if you click on it like a photo ,then you can enlarge it further.

    I have come up with the perfect solution I should get a prize.
    This way everyone is happy and they can stop harrassing innocent people.

  4. It could have been written by Hitler, that piece. But then, Bush often says things that sound like they should have come from Hitlers mouth.

  5. Kaya.. you've been tagged. Come to my blog and answer these questions! :)


  6. I don't get your point. One of America's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, held undeniably anti-Semitic views. So what exactly does that have to do "racial profiling" of Muslims in America some 215 years later?

  7. Welcome Mr.Starling David Hunter.
    You may find it amusing to know that our local server does not deem your blog viewable as
    the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates. ENDQUOTE
    Thats Etisalat being cute. Nothing personal at all.

    Coming to my point.
    I think Mr Franklin sums it up so deliciously, "THE PROBLEM WITH THE UNITED STATES TODAY IS TOO MUCH JEW-ISM".

    Its funny how you embrace, harbour and feed the very snake that is instigating all this suffering, yet you choose the Muslim brother to beat.
    I reckon the Black Brothas must be mighty grateful to the the poor sods who now bear the brunt of hatred once directed towards themselves.
    If you do not see its because you choose not to look.

  8. Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here.

    Not sure what you mean by my blog being banned. I teach at AU Sharjah and my students here and in Dubai visit my blogs everyday. Also I post semi-regularly on UAE Community blogspot and no one there has had trouble accessing any of my blogs. Maybe its an Abu Dhabi thing?

    As for the substance of your post. Franklin wrote that 215 years ago and it may or may not have been true at the time. That you use his words to justify your own dislike of Jews is, frankly, beneath contempt. You don't need to use his words. Just take credit for your own animosity.

    Now as for Arabs being the new niggers... when I see American ghettos and American prisons filled with people of Arab descent, when I see them swinging from trees by ropes around their necks or being dragged behind pickup trucks, all that after a couple hundred years of Arabs being held as slaves, then come back and ask me or my descendants about how "mighty grateful" we "brothas" must feel for having Muslims take our place as whipping boys and socities scapegoats.

  9. @ Starling David Hunter.

    good morning. Well, I don't know really, but I clicked on your profile to read your blog and then I got my lovely gift from Etisalat.

    Back to the original thread. You are right ,you know better. I am actually too tired to fight on the behalf of something which I am sure you have tremendous knowledge of.
    As far as my contempt for the jews goes, its by default being a muslim.
    But having said that, if ever in time a Jew came to my door and asked for help of any sort, I would never turn that person away.
    Have a nice day.

  10. PS. Isn't "nigger" a derogatory term?

  11. Well, I didn't know B Franklin had this to say about jews. Guess he had the foresight! Heh...

  12. Well what a text!

    It's raher surreal reading it now. Franklin having the place he has in American History.

    I don't appreciate the way he talks about jews in a dehumanising way. One should always stay away from such rhetoric for if one acceptes it one accepts to be bitten in th e butt by the same rhetoric. But His predictions are quite interesting, now that we have hindsight.

    Starling david Hunter: I think it is Franklin you should be directing your anger to. And all the Americans who raise him up to what he has become in the eyes of his people. This is posting a bit of History and I would say creating awareness of how things have been, how a prominent American thought in a way that today would never be heard of in a leading position in the States.

    Do not assume everyone who is Muslim hates jews.

    If you are interested in Jewish musical history you can visit my blog and have a read about Klezmer.

  13. And kaya jaan, I will do the tag, promise. Lekin aap ne tag nahi kiya?

  14. this is really sad.. but also you didn't touch a lot about this old document.. i quite like it and would like to publish it with your permission.

    i do not necessarily agree with it, but it shows how little has changed.

    as for the gentleman david hunter.. i have never ever read the word "nigger" anywhere on any blog before.. and the only time I've heard it was from american movies.. i wasn't aware that arabs have been included in this deeply offensive remark about a people whose colour (or salary) does not match yours.

  15. so which is you jew or nigger?
    Massah Starling?

  16. Well Well Well.
    Buj and shaykhspeara
    Thank you both for very valid points.
    I myself was in a dilemma whether I should reply to a man who is supposed to be a teacher.
    Buj you are more than welcome to publish the article. I know you have a wider audience and your input on the issue will be informative to read.

    But(hahahha I like the MASSAH bit thanks anon) even though Mr.Starling states his case as "WE BROTHAS", theres nothing "WE BROTHAS" about him. He has WASP all over him.
    I am also further intrigued by his choice of the word NIGGER.
    I wonder if he remembered to pack his KKK outfit.
    And all that nasty nasty talk about Arabs. I wonder what his employers would think about the hate that he is festering towards Arabs.

  17. @clayF
    Bandaid? A widdle kiss? There there is it okay now.

  18. Good Grief, this is bizaree. First BEn Franklin was a great amn but often with great men they are a product of their times for good or bad. His anti Jewish feeling is sad.

    That being said I really have never and prob never get this animosity toward the Jews especially in the Arab World. It would be great if the whole freakin Arab World would sign a peace treaty with Israel. But then of course there wouldnt be a boogyman for Govts to have when problems come up.

  19. Reminds me of the book Roots. That was a great book!

  20. Kaya: many thanks.. will do :)

    pondering American: well well things can't be solved by peace treaties. peace will only come when justice appears to have been served, otherwise the people will always seek it.

    I do not know much about you, but just for the sake of information (you might already know this) you will know that Israel is not a normal or native country to the region but is seen by mainy, especially the Arabs and Muslims as an implantation in the heart of our world.

    An Iraqi Jew friend of my boss (who's now dead) told him once that he always dreamt of living in Israel, and after dreaming for almost 10 years (this was in the 1970s and 80s) he left Baghdad to Israel but came back a few days later absolutely shattered. He complained that no one spoke Arabic (or English), and the main languages spoken were Russian and Yiddish none of which he even knew. Plus he was being targeted by the other jews as an arab.

    If Israel cannot even welcome their Arab Jews then how can they even fit between so many Arab countries?

    Finally I have to conclude that I make a distinct difference between Judaisim (a respect religion) and Zionism (a brutal racist movement).

  21. Wow - so much action going on an I missed it Kaya- lol. you are brewing one big storm.

  22. Please be aware that the Franklin document is a forgery invented to help foster hate, I think it would be best if you did not adopt children a young mind is susceptible to poison.. link

  23. @ anonymous


  24. politics aside, i've been so far blessed with hassle-free entrance and departure in the us of a and some of my most recent happy memories have been visiting there.