Monday, 31 July 2006

yeh but no but yeh but no but yeh but no but yeh

My cousin emailed me a song.
Its a song about the praise of Allah.
Sami Yousuf?
NO....try again....
Would you believe its MICHEAL JACKSON!!!

I didn't believe it when I heard it as, the pronounciation and diction is so pure.
Its sung in accapella in gospel style or what we desi's call "HAMD".
BUT!! BUT!!!
Good lord. I know YOU are all FORGIVING. But this "creation" to be embraced into Islam.
Do we not have enough of a bad name with us being branded terrorists?

I do not know if you have heard it, but I have my doubts.
Like I said the pronounciation is too clear....

I have found this and im just doing my cut and paste job.

Please tell what you think



  1. Flippin' heck!!

    Here are the words

    If you Google Michael Jackson+Allah (sorry to put them in the same line!), you'll get a heap of links about it - mostly bloggers!

    Kaya - when are you off on your trip?

  2. Actually - here's a better site with the lyrics - I think that it's more accurate.

    They actually question whether it's him, or possibly Zain Bikha or even Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) which is funny because as soon as I heard the song I thought of Yusuf/Cat!

  3. You prob right about the Zain Bhika angle.
    Otherwise everytime Wacko squeaks its all over the papers.

    We are leaving tomorrow night. So driving down to Dubai airport which I haven't seen in 6 years!!What a nightmare.

  4. Well - safe and happy travels - all will be as it should.

    I look forward to the firefly photos!

    take good care.

  5. btw - a tip on Sheikh Zayed Road which caught me out so badly that I was yelling at the taxi driver asking him where he was taking me! It cost me a bigger tip than usual to apologise to him! lol.

    After you go through the tunnel under the Trade Center roundabout, there was that nightmare situation where you had to go across the right hand lanes to get into the lanes that led to the Garhoud Bridge.

    It's changed.

    Now, you can stay in the outer left lane, go through the tunnel under the roundabout, and then just follow the new road that will take you to the next tunnel and then onto the Garhoud Bridge. It's a lot safer now, but you'll feel like you're going to Ruler's Court!

  6. dearest nzm
    thank you so much for your kind words.
    If I told you how stressed out I was you would surely laugh, but on top of my insomnia I havent had any sleep in the last 48 hours.
    Apart from a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon.
    But thanks for the driving tip!And all your kind words.
    Speak to you soon inshallah.Hale and hearty.

  7. omg. wow. i can't say anything but a weary alhamdollillah!