Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Something old something new

My new phone. Gift from the man.

A picture taken with my ("NEW") phone of my old dresser.

I HAPPY! : )


  1. Very nice!

    You must have been a very very good girl!


  2. ohh. I was about to purchase this phone 3 months ago..but I realised it has a memory space of only 10 MB, else the features are good and looks nice too.

    I ended up buying no new phone atall. :p

  3. Kaya let's hear....how many chapatis did you have to make to get that phone! lol

    It's gorgeous mashallah, mubarak ho meri jaan!!!!

  4. @Hasha
    10 MB 100 MB. Makes no diff to me since all I need to do is make/recieve calls or send/recieve messages.
    So for me this is luvvvverly.

  5. @Shaykhspeara
    LOL!! Chapattis huh!
    What a view of middle class suburban housewife.
    But you know we can be pretty kinky at times, and roll a paratha instead! (BLUSH)
    Thanks yaar. It was a sweet gesture and I love the extra things they do to make me feel appreciated.