Monday, 10 July 2006

security issues

How do u explain that I sitting in my 3rd foor apartment am able to pick up 5 seperate dsl connections on my computer.
That I can log on to them, and abuse should I so choose - thanks to the power of cookies, any given amount of information I find on that line.
If a non computer savvy housewife like me can wreak such havoc what of those who can actually do stuff with computers?


  1. I'm on the 2nd floor and log on to any of the three wireless networks (with high-speed internet connections) whenever I need to download a large file or use Google Earth.

    Hey, not my fault if they don't password-protect their networks!

  2. I wonder if it only applies to 'lower' floors? I'll have to get hubs to look into this!!

    Kaya, its THAT bank, on the corner! (next to the other bank - lol)

  3. it doesnt apply to the lower floors. It depends how close your apartment is to others who have DSL

  4. I'v used internet connections of other people, its no ones fault but the user's who do not protect their connections. all they have to do is secure their connections by going into the setup of their respective wireless modems.

  5. Yes, a rather vicious bitter situation taught me that lesson.
    But its amazing how few people know of this.

  6. all thanks to wonderful etisalat. they don't consider this as huge a problem. blocking flickr is top priority comparatively.


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