Monday, 5 June 2006


Residents of Abu dhabi will confirm there's a serious dearth of GOOD FOOD restaurents here.
This is a fact. Chinese restaurants absolutely NADA and the same goes for good subcon cuisine.
We could travel to Dubai this weekend but my older one is having her finals.

The food at Chilli's, Fuddruckers or even TGI Fridays is about as insipid as Mickeydees or the other fast food outlets.
India palace used to be good but the last trip 3 weeks ago, resulted in very malbari restaurant type of food. i.e where the curry looks like its been pureéd in a blender and not sauteéd properly so as to allow oil to separate. (This was ROGHAN JOSH btw, a Kashmiri dish which definitelyy needs to be cooked very carefully).

The Mongolian (orchid) next to India Palace is okay ,but if you ever get a chance to go to Oman do not miss out the Mongolian BBQ at THE GOLDEN ORYX. You eat there once you will know what I mean.
Our favourite hangout, was a Chinese place on al Wahda street (CHINA TOWN) in Sharjah, but that got burnt down and unlike the Phoenix remains burnt and buried.

Have been to The Hilton, le Meridien, Bustan Rotana, and Sheraton. The thing with 5 star joints is that you pay a bomb, get all the fancy shmancy napkins, glasses, cutlery and real PURTY food. But there's nothing distinctive in taste.
Most of them almost never keep any nice hot sauces and too often you are lumped with that foul vinegary red concoction called Hotsauce.

For the record tehre is only one tongue zapping hot sauce. (Most Scotch bonnets have a heat rating of 150,000–325,000 Scoville Units.)
(Available at random at the MINA Co-op).

There used to be a tiny place called KABAB CORNER, where the food was heavenly but sadly that's closed down too, for reasons no one knows. (it belonged to The chappan bhog people so it cant have been bankruptcy).

The tough part of being a good cook is too often my family will eat out and say: " NAAAH! We get better food at home." Yes, well very complimentary no doubt, but no fun for the person who has to cook on a special occasion. ( I want to dress up and feel special not smell onions in my hair and nails).

The only good option remains an indian place called "HAVELI", near Choithraam supermarket in Khalidiya area. They have a fab chef from Kolkatta.
Heres a tip. Ask where the chef is from when you try a new place. The Kolkatta, Delhi, chefs are A++.

So now where do we go?


  1. Does this Encona Hot Sauce have more zing than Tabasco?

  2. It could be worse.... you could be in the UK where the food absolutely sucks.

    What I would do for a Chilli's right now!!!!!!

  3. OOOH MaMA! Yes it is . Tabasco is for wusses.
    This is the highest on the chilli scale.

  4. aah desert lady ! But then you can buy all the Encona you want! Or even fresh scotch bonnet at the carib shops.
    What more could I want...

  5. U GUYS JUST HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO chk out this link
    theres a sauce called Daves insanity sauce. Im actually salivating here!

  6. It's off to Mina I go then. I am tired of those hot sauces that claim to be full of flavour but instead taste like sour wine or just plain acrid. Stupid Chipotle.

  7. What's all this about North British headwear? Puzzled, I am.

  8. ever been in china - i hear they have the worst food.

  9. Sir Keefieboy....whats with the headgear good buddy 10.44 over and out

  10. @ntsb
    tell me what u think of the sauce then.
    I had my friend send me over some fresh SCOTCH BONNETS this week from Muscat. You get them in the ZANZIBARI shops. Not as nasty as the ones from the Carribeans but not bad at all.

  11. I did try the Encona sauce. I must say it is different- it tends to be less tangy and more salty. The burn is there but I wish it were more prolonged. On the brighter side of it all it has completely chaffed my palate with its sheer abrasive power. Kaya- do you know of any hotter sauces out there?

  12. The only other sauce worth mentioning is one u get at C4. They are 4 types of them(AMAZON)(Slim generic bottle with a parrot on the label) and the one thats best is the one that says well its arabic so i gues thats no use to You.... turn the bottle round and on the other side it says HABANERO PEPPER SAUCE (Extremly hot). Its made with habanero chillies.
    I have tried every brand in every supermarket. At the end these two (Encona and Amazon)are the only ones worth my time. Its always a good kick with Coleman's english mustard mixed in.

  13. I went to this Lebanese (can't recollect the name, sorry) resturant which had some good food when I was in Abu Dhabi last time.

  14. I recommend a restaurant called Lebanese Mills. Its at the corner of Najda and Istiqlal(?). Ask them to go easy on the pita bread- they tend to eat up valuable freezer space once all the goodies are done.

  15. ew, I'd never use any of u guys toilets.

  16. Hmm. Silly blogger not informing me of valuable comments.
    Actually old story but Lebanese food at the end is lebanese food. sure the garlic sauce swings either way and the hoummus can be tacky sometimes but at the end theres only so much u can do with it.
    But having said that I havent tries the one u mentioned @ ntsb. But have you tries the chicken wings with garlic sauce at this nifty little joint called AL SHATER. Right opp the Jumbo showrron near Al Falah Plaza. If nothing else do try their chicken wings with garlic sauce.
    Did u get the AMAZON sauce?

  17. @ HARSHA
    Well hello and WELCOME back.
    Very long time no see. Where did you go off too.
    Thankyou for all the lovely comments on the posts. Its nice to have u back.

  18. HEy HARSHA
    whats with the toilets thing? Our toilets are spotless and clean. people who have attained the level of scotch bonnet Nirvana do not have such delicate tummies.

  19. hehe ok, i'll use your toilet then.

    And I was off from work for my exams, so I wasnt keeping up with the blogs.

    My study leave turned into a medical leave causing me to miss an exam.. but its all over now. trying to keep again.