Saturday, 3 June 2006

till death do us part

Because you all mean so much to me and I value your opinion.
I come to you with this:
This year 8th june, We will have completed 12 years of MARRIAGE. (Alhumdolillah)

I wanted to get my husband something special.
I know he would love a Rolex but I cannot afford that...(so please send all donations to the account number listed below...HAHA!)

This year no fancy ties/ shirts/ cufflinks/perfumes/gadgets
What can I buy then?
I saw a beautiful silver ring at Tiffanys (not name dropping OK! Must give something nice i.e expensiv-ish)
He has a wedding band but will not wear it because its GOLD.

So I thought of having it engraved with a message.
Any ideas on a message?


  1. 1) I'm Always With You
    2) Soulmates Forever
    3) Deus Nos Iunxit (Latin: God Joined Us)
    4) Semper Amemus (Latin: Let Us Love Always)
    5) Forever yours.
    6) My eternal devotion.
    7) From two are made one.
    8) Two bodies one soul.
    9) My soulmate.
    10) My heart/love is yours.
    11) Wife and friend.
    12) I belong with (buyer's name).
    13) With all my love.
    14) To Have and To Hold
    15) Every Day I Love You More
    16) My Beloved
    17) Can you hear my heart beating...
    18) Amor Vincit Omnia (Latin: Love Conquers All)
    19) Mizpah (Hebrew, Genesis 31:48-49: God watch between us when we are
    absent from one another)
    20) Il Mio Cuore e il Tuo Per Sempre (Italian: My Heart is Yours
    21) Amore Mio (Italian: My Love)
    22) Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li (Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16: I Am My
    Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine)
    23) En Bien Aimer (15th-century French: To Encircle With Love)
    24) Por Tous Jours (15th-century French: For All Days)
    25) A Vila Mon Coeur Gardi Li Mo (15th-century French: Here is My
    Heart, Guard it Well!)
    26) Autre Ne Vueil (15th-century French: No One But You)
    27) Une Dezir (15th-century French: My One Desire)
    28) Mon Coeur Est a Vous (French: You Have My Heart)
    29) Par Grant Amour (14th/15th-century French: For My Greatest Love)
    30) Mon Amour (French: My Love)
    31) Je T'aime (French: I Love You)
    32) Myn Genyst (Old German: My Heart)
    33) In Thy Brest My Hart Doth Rest (Old English)
    34) God for Me Provided Thee (16th/17th-century English)
    35) God Unite Both in Love (Old English)
    36) Forever
    37) Always
    38) Love is Eternal
    39) Never to Part
    40) Friends and lovers.

  2. Wow - anonymous was busy!

    What about:
    - wear this ring to prove you love me?


    Seriously, congratulations Kaya, to you and your husband on 12 years of marriage, and here's to many more years together!

  3. From Lord of the Rings :
    ..and one ring to bind them ..

    Congratulations and many more happy years.
    (We are heading for 30 years this year - DH needs a medal!!)

  4. Dear Nzm thankyou for the sweet wishes.
    And Lulu thankyou too. Its good to seeyou back you have been away far too long.
    Wow! 30 years! Mashallah.
    may we be graced with all the ups and down that have taken you and brought you here. May you have 30 more together.
    My tragedy with the ring was that Tiffanys didnt eventually have the size, they dont make beyond a size 12.
    After a nerve wracking search IN 48 DEGREES temp, I finally found one in white gold which wasnt great but beggars cant be choosers.
    truly,madly,deeply. 06
    thats what I inscribed finally.
    Anonymous thanks for all the suggestions!:)

  5. Major super duper congrats to you both! :) mashallah God bless!

  6. firstly congratulations!

    secondly i was gonna suggest something but now since u've already probably celebrated...:oP