Saturday, 17 June 2006


By this point I think it is fair to assume that most of us have read the book/seen the movie.

For those of you who have read the book and not seen the movie : YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE.

It was'nt that the entire idea was right up there with UFO sightings, even that for the sake of argument is acceptable.
But what in heavens name was wrong with Tom Hanks. The hair ? too much BOTOX?
What happened to that lovable nice "SENSITIVE" guy from sleepless in seattle, forest gump, the green mile and so many more. The only time he showed any feelings of any sort was probably the last frame. My golly gosh even when he nicks himself shaving he doesn't "WINCE".

So we have a claustrophobic cryptolologist; sorry symbologist and a little crackpot I have been shot but before I die I am leaving behind these mindboggling clues all over the place, which will eventually lead to an insane round the world hare brained chase. He sure had all the time on earth to do his bloody codes and then proceed to engrave on himself.

Then we have Jean Reno who I like, as I think he is a pretty coold duDe, except here he was wimpy. Alfred Molina was a good choice for his role.

Round and round and round it goes ..where it stops nobody knows....Opus Dei, Knights Templar, Priory of Sion,Holy Grail, crippled cunning equivocal Englishman (Leah Teabing)...

Talk about TMI the movie is loaded with SIP's (*Statistically Improbable Phrases).
(*Not my creation)

You would think when Sopie did her Jesus Christ thing (healing), a big chunk of the puzzle should have fitted in for the Professor. But dang it! NO WAY! Ron Howard had made a movie and by gosh darn we had to watch it to the end.
The only thing missing were some songs, because every thing else was there that you get in a good old Bollywood Potboiler.

Its all very nice to speculate and wonder what if and why not. But is nothing sacred.
You know in Pakistan, there is a group that claim they are SAYYEDS ie direct decendants of Prophet Mohammed.(PBUH)
With all due respect it nothing but a load of HOGWASH.

Husband fell asleep 3/4th in the movie, which was just as well. I would have definately gotten the 3rd degree for wasting his time (he had wanted to se MI 3); and 60 dirhams.
I can think of all the ways I could have spent that 60 dirhams and to be honest would have definately enjoyed my money's worth than to have wasted it on this movie.


  1. Yours is the first 'review' I've read about the film & from what you say, it's a waste of money! I think I'll stick to the memory of reading a very good book.

  2. i havent seen the movie still and im told its useless, i loved the book - i guess i should not waste the money on the movie than.

  3. It is honestly!
    An excellent example is how MERYL STREEP a brilliant actress otherwise messed up a really nice mushy movie (BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY).

  4. I liked the movie, maybe cuz I havent read the book.

    Anyhow, I usually prefer reading a book than watching a movie..

    Though some scenes WERE predictable.