Saturday, 17 June 2006

Belated tag

swedish babe tagged me on the 9th of June.

Now I must get to it.
Mostly I was scared to go back to places in my past because at too many junctures theres more pain then I can take. I guess I'll get through it the way I get through life . By being faceitous!!

20 years ago

  1. I learned the various grades and textures of Rizla
  2. Lived on an island belonging to a woman who was a Dacoit.
  3. Called up spirits with a Ouijja board and had an experience that never let me dabble with the occult again.

10 years ago

  1. I broke into too many pieces and never thought I would survive.Was saved and reconstructed by the same person who ironically would 3 years later break me again.
  2. Forgot to laugh, to write, to paint, barely existed for another 3.
  3. Then I learned what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Learned to be strong and fought back for what was mine.

5 years ago

  1. Learned the value of thoughts/words/people and learned not to listen to what someone is saying but WHAT they aren't saying.
  2. Had my second baby. Calmed down. Hate, anger, revenge now took a back seat and I learned to relax and enjoy. Took long vacations into myself, and learned to trust and love again. Learned to laugh again. But not yet to paint or write. Stopped waking up from the same nightmares.
  3. Changed houses from Muscat to Ajman, Ajman to Sharjah, Sharjah to Dubai, and finally settled down in AbuDhabi. Finally found my home. Alhumdolillah.

3 years ago

  1. Had different guests in my home for almost 3 years nonstop.Met up with old friends in far away places. Talked into the early hours of the morning, and cooked fantastic things.
  2. Finally understood when I was told repeatedly as a teenager that I could not fight the "system", they were right. Learned to work within the system. To play the same games, and to get results.
  3. Learned TMI is a good measurement of a person.

1 year ago

  1. Paid back some long overdue debts, with love and care.Cleared many misconceptions. Got tenfold of what I gave back.
  2. Had my first really good vacation in some time, meeting up old friends. Visited some beautiful places.
  3. Forgave

So far this year

  1. Have been so busy with guests, kids, home etc that I cannot believe its june already.
  2. Trying to cope the best I can with the days of ill health which come too often now.
  3. Cleansed and purged my soul at "HIS" house.

Yesterday I......

  1. Cleaned the house from top to bottom, after a weekend with 9 boisterous 10-11 year old boys/girls who trashed the house- AFTER EXAMS PARTY! Went to fish market in the sweltering heat to buy prawns because my little one has been asking me to buy then for over a week. Came back and cooked them in coconut milk.
  2. Enjoyed the simple pleasure of life like a good cup of cooked doodh patti(milk tealeaves) chai, shisha and kids in bed (HAWHAW)
  3. Enjoyed re reruns of coupling my all time favourite programme.


  1. I will complete this tag.
  2. Go to the veg and meat market.
  3. Make burgers/cole slaw/ mashed potatoes/baked beans/ and chips for dinner.


  1. deal with
  2. it
  3. when it comes.

In the next year I will...

  1. Try to be a bit selfish and devote some time to myself, and stop spreading myself so thinly. Every thing does not have to be always so goddamn perfect.
  2. Love as much as I can,laugh as much as I can , time is too short and moving too fast. Enjoy my children, my husband, and the goodness and kindness bestowed on me for which I am ever grateful.
  3. Still be here, getting to know you all better, being a small part of your lives.


  1. @0 years ago does not matter, 10 years ago is out of reach, 5 years ago is out of sight, 1 year ago was time to learn so that Today is better than yesterday and Tomorrow dreams are still still dreams

  2. Wow @ Sholmes
    if ever i have liked something what you wrote has to be one of them. definately! thank you.

  3. Kaya jaan, finally ey?

    Add to the next year, that we will be meeting up for that cooking lesson :)

    You deserve more "kaya time!"

  4. oh and I love what you've done to the place :)