Tuesday, 9 May 2006


There is a saying in urdu "nau sau choohay khaa karr billi gayee haj pe"
This translates as "Having eaten 900 mice , the cat is going for haj"

This is generally for people who have done the whole shebang, and in their old age set out to do Hajj.
When they are too old to do anything more, they set out to seek redemption for their miserable souls.
The point of this is not some long winded lecture on morality etc etc
But to let you know that tomorrow afternoon, we are all driving down to dear old KSA for UMRAH.
Inshallah I shall pray for all of you though I have to admit asking God to Bless names like the names you all have assumed on this blog are a bit corny!
But what I will say is if anyone of you has any "xtra"special duaa to be asked and prayed for on the Holy soil and if I may be your path (waseela), then please do not hesitate to let me know.
Take extra special care of yourselves and others, and BLESS YOU ALL.

ps When I mentioned the 900 mice I did not mean I was that CAT!!


  1. Please pray for me and J, Kaya - we're about to be homeless and jobless.

    We need all the help that we can get!

  2. Good God nzm. That sounds terrible. Ofcourse I will pray for u both.
    But what happened?

  3. Thank you for the offer...

    Allah has been very very good to me recently, so I request that you just remember to pray for that black dude from Secret Arabian, that his fortune doesnt change for the worse.

  4. lol, never heard that one before.
    Good news you're going for Umrah. A little prayer for the half desi, please? :)

    Have a safe trip aur Allah qabool karna.


  5. Sorry to hear that nzm - my thoughts are with you too.

    And have a good umrah! Not sure what the appropriate best wishes are for this - peaceful umrah? successful umrah? but you know how I mean ;)

  6. I wish you a safe journey.

    Well, well, it seems the Arab Coffee guzzling Indian has transalated your comments for the Daily Drama Queen to vent herself inside out.

    @Nzm - I hope you weren't serious...

  7. Tainted Female13 May 2006 at 01:58

    Archer, I find your assumptions amusing at best. Why not find something better to do your time; rather than gossip about MD (who btw, didn’t translate for me) and myself? Seriously, little man… Move on, grow up, get over it (and yourself) whatever… Cause like this hun, each new word you type, only makes you look more pathetic; more like a girl full of teenaged angst.

  8. At least I'm not the one who's made a soap opera out of a blog. With that pathetic blog of yours, are you sure I'm more pathetic than you are?

    Move on, grow up, get over it (and yourself) whatever
    Is that why you started yet another drama after 3 weeks of her commenting?

  9. Everyone please... no more negativity. Deep breaths, forgive and forget.

    Who wants home made scones with rose flavoured jam?

  10. kaya - umrah maqboola incha Allah .. i am planning the same trip soon - just trying to coordinate with Mr. M.

  11. I reckon we all know whose blog is more pathetic, Mr. Archer. Have some respect, and some.

  12. Tainted Female15 May 2006 at 02:54


    I fail to see your point. The delay as you mentioned, is due to the fact that I wasn't aware (you know that language thing) of what was said honey. Surely, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

    *Yawn* You’re boring me now.

  13. prraaayy ffoorr meeee!!! I got chicken Pox - on the first day of my leave from work! and now I missed an exam which I can only give next year and I have to give the rest of my exams in isolation!!

  14. We will pray for you too ;) Enjoy your umrah!!!

  15. Harsha bechari, chicken pox?? abhi? Man I had that when I was a kid, was awful... well heck, I'll pray for you too.

  16. nzm,yahya,shaykhspeara, Secret Dubai,archer 14,amorelicious:
    I am back after a wonderful trip.Alhumdolillah and shall Inshallah post some pictures of our trip.

    Harsha jaan I hope you are feeling better.
    Mrs.Moriarity: You must go its an amzing cleansing experience.Once you enter the Haram, the whole world just falls away.The first time I went I was worried about the children getting tired,restless,etc.
    But the kids were just amazing and it all just fell in sync so beautifully. The 3 of you will have a grand time.

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