Wednesday, 29 March 2006

ACS France

Around 2 weeks ago my husband telephoned me and said I should bring my car round to the Mall.
Ofcourse calls like that tend to get one panicky and freaked out.
I arrived at the Mall and he explained that some people were in the Mall and they were doing car cleaning demonsrations.

I watched them at work as they opened their box of tricks and began to work.
In 20 minutes or so my car looked brand NEW!
All they did was spray and wipe with their various products. Not a drop of water, and the area around the car was totally dry.
All my own attempts with the towel and bucket/ at the car wash/ paying the building watchman never gave me such a result.
It has been 2 weeks now and the car still looks lovely.
They are AUTO CLEAN SERVICE from France.
There is some negotiations taking place for them to clean the cars at the Mall, as the MUNICIPALITY has prohibited the guys with the buckets who hang around parking areas.
I for one hope it works out as I have never been happier with the result.


  1. really, is it that good. Did you find out how much they were gonna charge if they started the service?

  2. the rewards u get by being the wife of the Mall Manager...

  3. where can i score some of dat ACS stuff??

  4. @destitute rebel
    They charge 20 dirhams per service.
    However they will have a membership for the year where they clean one inside out for I think 800 dirhams a year.
    Then for the whole year you can have it cleaned once a week or even everyday within that amount.
    I tell you its really worth it.

    yeh Professoré'! Welcome back Bwana!
    I have it on authority but I can not tell you in which 2 malls they will be operating in Dubai. SOONISH.

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