Friday, 17 February 2006

WILD WADI part 2

Well, well, well.....
Just to let you know I got the standard we-are-so-full-of-crap-we-can't-believe-it-ourselves routine from the hoity toity pricks at WILD WADI.
Yes, yes you were right I was wrong. But hey! At least they replied so they are semi literate out there.

Below you will find their reply unedited and my reply to that. Here I end the saga as its BORING!!!!(what do u want? I didn't get anything out of it, Is there any point in whipping a dead dog?)

Dear Mrs. #&^$&^!%$@*

Thank you for your email.
Wild Wadi does not have a spectator fee. Our admission fee covers the experience of being in Wild Wadi with friends and family regardless of whether people choose to ride or not. Wild Wadi has rides for everyone: JuhaÂ’s Dhow and Lagoon for children and families, Jumeirah Sceirah, the Flowriders and our Master Blasters (uphill water slides) for the adventurous, and JuhaÂ’s Journey (lazy river) for those looking to relax.

I apologise if our Sales Department was not helpful to you, and I have already ensured that they understand our philosophy regarding your type of question in the future.

We hope that you will choose to spend your time with us, and we look forward to welcoming you and your family to Wild Wadi.


@&^^@ (^##%
Waterpark Manager
Wild Wadi Water Park
P.O. Box 26416, Dubai U.A.E.

Telephone number: +971-4-348-4444, Direct number: +971 4-406-8352
Fax number: +971-4-348-0275, Mobile number:+971-50-450-1615
Visit us at

Wild Wadi is a trade name of Jumeirah Beach Resort LLC, a limited liability company incorporated in Dubai. Commercial Registration Number 45069. Share Capital Dhs. 300,000 fully paid up.

The information contained in this email is private & confidential. It is intended only for the use of the person(s) named. If you are the intended recipient, you are notified that any dissemination or copying of this communication is prohibited and kindly requested to notify the sender and then to delete the message. Jumeirah International LLC gives no representation or guarantee with respect to the integrity of any emails or attached files and the recipient should check the integrity of and scan this email and any attached files for viruses prior to opening.

From: WWGuest Relations Sent: 13 February 2006 08:48To: Victoria Beckham Subject: FW: ATTN: WILD WADI MANAGER

AND FROM ME.......

Dear Mr.Perry
Thankyou for your reply.

Regrettably, we shall not be availing of the wonderful opportunity to visit Wild Wadi
now or in the near future. For ourselves or any of our many family members who visit us throughout the year.
Your company has its policies and I have my principles.
It is indeed deplorable, but I can't fully comprehend how you can bend your so called "rigid" "engraved in stone" policies for a has been celebrity, a child molester no less, but not for the normal paying public.

I understand your policy about "spectators", however to classify two 70 year olds in the same category of a bunch of hormonally charged voyeurs is really a bit too much.

I wish you pleasant day.
Once again thankyou for replying.

Well. Been there done that. Plenty of other fish in the sea. Tis a pity. It really was my favourite theme park.


  1. Yaar kyun apna dimaagh ki lassi karti ho! (why making buttermilk out of mind)

  2. lolllllllllllll what do they propose?? to send dadi amma up the master blaster? haha can you picture that? kya bakwaas hai?

    Good lord...aren't they daft. Sahi baat, dimagh ki lassi mut karo.

    I like how she marketed Wild wadi while replying to your email...hillarious. Bechari, chordo sub kuch aur Mirza Ghalib ka CD lagao ;)

  3. arey they are trying to say that if they dont use the rides they would still be able to use the lazy river thing and the pools.

    Besides, the marketing is expected, nothing unusual about that

  4. Rejection is the worlds strongest aphrodisiac. :)

  5. Paagal kay bacchay. They can't change their commandments but have no problem handing out FREE family passes on RADIO STATIONS.
    Do paisa kya nahi kammah liya akkal parr charbi chadd gayee hai

  6. ouch .. that must hurt!

    poor Perry :P

  7. EEEEESH....what a load of gobshites they are. They could have sent you some passes just for the heck of it.....I understand them not changing the policy (we could end up with a million grannies out there, and what if they fell in???)
    anyway they are shit, the place is over-rated and you are better off not could do a lot better things with that dosh.

  8. @ cg
    Bow down and prostrate in front of your all knowing wisdom.

  9. @ Professoré

    Perry? I didnt mention any Perry?
    ;D (Laughing so hard fell down on floor and rolling over...LMFAORO)

  10. @shaykhspeara sha'ira

    I tell u! Dekha dekha!! Like a prostitute never one to miss an opportunity.
    You said it
    Put Ghalib, put Nusrat, chai shaii and khalliwalli the lot.
    No really Harsha, cg is definately got a point there . Just for the sake of cheap PR they couldve given us 2 passes. It is not like they dont have a policy against that.

  11. if they knew you were going to blog about them they would have sent you enough passes for us to have had a bloggers meet there....YEEEEEEEEEHA....imagine all of us going in the family ride. What a hoot.

  12. wow... hey kaya - send them a link to ur blog ! good thinking cg .. lol

  13. ...all lies and jest still a man believes what he has to believe and disregards the rest......(humming along easing the mind.... simon and garfunkel...the boxer)

  14. Stupid sodding twerps.