Sunday, 12 February 2006

WILD WADI part 1

Well, you all know my inlaws are here. Below is a letter I have mailed to WILD WADI MANAGEMENT which is pretty self-explanatory.
If they reply I shall post their reply, if they don't I shall have an delightful time dissing them. Muhahahhahaha : D

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having visited Wild Wadi quite a few times I must say its always been a fun experience even though it is rather overpriced.
We would like to visit Wild Wadi, as my children's grandparents are visiting.
Now, I am aware that you charge an entrance and the rides within are multiple usage .
However I do not comprehend why I should pay 150 dirhams per person (300 in this case for two) extra when we will be buying 5 other tickets. The two tickets I am speaking of are for my mother and father in law who are visiting us and are an elderly couple.
They quite obviously are not going to be able to utilise any of the rides, and wish to spend the day with their grandchildren.

I would very much appreciate it, if you would spare me the "IT'S NOT OUR COMPANY'S POLICY" routine line, and make some sort of adjustment to allow the whole family to be together and enjoy the day as a family outing.

I have already spoken to your sales department and they have been as unhelpful as possible.

It is not unheard of, and it would be a decent gesture on your behalf, if you could kindly consider allowing them in with the rest of us. We will be paying for 5 more tickets and you can well appreciate its not a small amount.

Thanking you,


  1. In your Fecking (PP) dreams Kaya.

  2. its not gonna work, why dont u just go after 12 - and stay there for half day - u'd enjoy as much and u'd be playing less - what all could u do the entire day anyway and besides being from the sub continent, your inlaws wont be able to bear the site of bikini clad women the entire day anyway.

  3. Props for having the energy to write that letter... Lekin jis tarah aap ne kaha... sab se bada rupaiyyah!

    In syria a smile and a desperate look followed by an "Allah '7alleek (Khuda ke vaste)" would be sufficient...although I doubt it would help in this case...

    Good luck to you! :)

    I am a FECKIN(PP) fool.
    What did I expect the waters to part? The snake to turn into a stick?

  5. And nobody wuvves you?! You never post nuffink! You've always got your inlaws or your outlaws or summink there so you quit blogging for months on end. Honestly. Who's in charge at your house?

    Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day.


  6. woweeeeeeeee Kaya
    you got a valentine. Thats better than having someone talk about you....

  7. @ cg
    Are u Sure? you really think so....

    YOU DAMN FECKING(PP) RIGHT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You KEEFIE! I feel so WUNNERFUL now!

  8. I always thought that Valentine's should be anonymous...
    So happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Oh Kaya...poor Kaya... of course they won't help you.

    I believe I did once get a gift from Wild Wadi was a mysterious rash that broke out on my kundi the next day after visiting there.

    Thankyou Wild Wadi. So generous. The gift that kept giving and giving.

    Oh, and thankyou so much for the snow email Kaya. I absolutely loved it!

    You all cannot IMAGINE whats going on in my home now, how tired, and PISSED off I am.

  11. hehe@ kaya, no i'm not laughing at u , but i know what u mean, i often see ppl who've been there.

    good luck with the smiley face u've been putting up in front of ur inlaws and poor MAN on who u'd be blowing out ur frustration!

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