Friday, 10 February 2006

Sab say badda RUPAIYA

I heard an old hindi song on the radio today. It's from way back from the seventies.

The lyrics are below with the transalation for those who do not know hindi.

"Na biwi na bachha na baap bada na maiyan
the whole thing is that ke bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya"

(Not your wife,nor your child, not your father neither your mother,
-the whole thing is that-
the greatest of all is MONEY( rupaiyya is Rupee)

What is ironical,, is this song is from a time when we like to claim that in the old days supposedly, there was still some hope in humanity, people, values and all that WALTONS style : of virgins and real gentlemen.

What is even more ironical is the song is so frighteningly bitterly true.
Only too often the favourite son is the one who "gives" the most. The prodigal son is the one who never says "NO".
It doesn't matter if he has to sacrifice at the cost of his own wife and children.
Even if he knows the demand which is very frequently accompanied on the heels of emotional blackmail, even though he knows the supposed illness is a total fabrication he will borrow if need be. But he will not fall from grace. He will not speak the truth.
" baap badda na maiyya....."

In marriages, esp in our sub-con countries it is the "RUPAIYYA", which contributes mostly to our low divorce rates.

The man is well off and the luxury of home, car, unlimited shopping expense, etc weighs more on than the scales than his adulterous/abusive ways.
Think Mrs.Kitty Party. Can you survive on mere self respect? Umm no they don't do french manicures, sorry no they don't have Jimmy Choo either..... A task you will agree not for the FAINTHEARTED.

Meanwhile on the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN, where the money is "NOT ENOUGH"

The Government is not going to pay money to support single moms,or give a paisa of any assistance, the girl's family washed their hands off the day she was married. where is a woman to go?
How often are they educated enough? and even if they are educated, a job doesn't come on a platter.
So better the husband than to be on the streets.
Once again the Rupaiyya wins.

Sister/ daughter/brother/son asks for latest perfume/cd/ ipod/mobile phone
He is the best brother/Daddy untill the day when he will say "NO", and worse than that in the sister/brother's case the mother will roll in with her entire spiel.
You do not want to go there .

You got the cash, you the man.
Take your honesty down the road buddy. 'Cause we aint buying.

Fade out to the tune biwi na bachha na baap bada na maiyana, the whole thing is that ke bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya...


    They all cost MONEY!

  2. Hi Kaya,
    dropping a ____ via NZM's blog.

    so true abt sabse bada rupaiya.

    MONEY counts & nothing else for some ppl. relationships, trust, love are all tolerated as long as there is money given.

    kalyug naa...


  3. I think Indians are possibly the most materialistic of all, despite that garb of spiritualism thrown upon us by the West. Our longing for "stuff" is second to none, but it's interesting you think that's the reason we stay married so long :-)

  4. @ kj
    Welcome, and a delight as always to meet someone new.
    Yup you said it, paisa hai to sab kuch hai.
    Seeing it everyday 24/7 and I know its not only in my home.

    @ ghatan
    Seriously! How many desi women would stay married to many of the shmucks they are married to if they were financially independant.
    Bacchon kay liye? Thats just a bahaana.
    As Sunjay Dutt says in 'TEZ DHAAR'(Musafir)

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