Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Radio 2

Steve Colman RJ at Radio 2 featured in an article and mentioned how he had recently been emotionally devastated. That not being one to trust easily, he had gotten into a relationship and been betrayed and made a fool of.

I felt sorry for the guy. I really did, thinking how his post menopausal hormomones had gotten him a piece of skirt ,but she did the jiggy on him .

Then yesterday I was listening to his show and he made some disparaging remarks about ARETHA FRANKLIN.
I have to say this. I did not like it.
Aretha Franklin is a force unto herself. She taught us all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That woman there didn't need to be DISRESPECTED by some small town piddly ass radio station.

Im sorry Mr.Colman but your sleazy,skirt chasing,(closet misogynist) , attitude is highly unprofessional and unbecoming.
Aretha Franklin could'nt give a monkey's fart about people like you, for her you don't even exist.
I see you don't have a problem with Pavarotti's girth. Could it be that is because "he" is a man and it doesn't really matter when was the last time he saw his shoes.

Let me make a guess here. You have an major issue with any woman whom you have not previously inflated. Its the dirigibles that leave you weak kneed.

You are paid to play music, not to mouth your inane racist sexist views on air.
Yes well, you can just consider yourself lucky that it's this town you work in Mr.Colman.
Where people are not exactly spoilt for choice, where people have become so pigeonholed and anaesthetized, that apart from knee jerk reactions they live in fear of speaking the truth, recriminations. Of being social pariahs.

And Mr.Coman. If you want it you have to learn to give it too.


  1. bah.
    it's RESPSECT, not R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    don't conjure up that stupid disco song that generations of people have tried to forget, then someone writes R-E-S-P-E-C-T and everyones hard work is ruined ):

    PS: 9/10 radio DJ's suck.

  2. RESPSECT?Disco Song? gee Sam maybe your'e thinking of D-I-S-C-O
    d your desirable....ohhhhhohhhhhhoh.....
    But Yes I do agree with you about the radio Dj's, esp on the Indian channels. They suck big time .

  3. OH baby, now you are taking me to FUNKY TOWN with all this PUMPing up the the volume.

    She is I, irresistible

  4. You go girl! All the RJs need to know that we tune in for more rock and less talk. Worse offenders are the RJs who put callers on air... those moronic conversations make me want to scream.

  5. This was one of your better posts for sure. We know you are busy but please keep turning out this great in-depth stuff please! Phil