Saturday, 25 February 2006

forget London?

forget London
And the people bowed and prayed,
To the neon god they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls."
and whisper'd in the sounds of silence
(c) Simon and Garfunkel

Well, ofcourse you have seen the hoardings all over town?
Do you not wonder what it is? Perhaps you know.
The advertising smart asses come up with a lot of things, catchy, tacky, and like this utterly butterly despicable. Callous,cold, and not a smidgen of sympathy. Very very bad taste and a poor decision.

In one simple statement:


What is the signal it sends out. The BLACK background represents MOURNING, Loss, Despair and all the things I remember and associate with what happened last summer.

Yes, I am talking about the tragic bombings that took place in London last year, the senseless loss of innocent people's lives, the unnecessary wreckage and destruction of property.
The resulting fear, mistrust, anger, hate, shock, bewilderment to mention a few of the tumultuous feelings that shook everyone down to the core.


People lost families, loved ones. Maybe you assholes didn't. Everything in life is not some catchy cool slogan. Have some f*cking RESPECT.


  1. The inlaws have left behind a bitter kaya, if they havent gone yet, is she gonna get bitter-er??

    find out.. in her next post..

    I am not bitter.
    Can u explain it to me?

  3. Kaya - it's for Harvey Nichols who are opening a store here soon.

    Sky on Abu Dhabi Sunshine did some sleuthing to find out - Read her post "forget london?" and the comments.

    I really hadn't thought about it from the angle of what you say.

  4. Well nzm, I just read it.And I am repeating the comment I have just posted there.
    "Harvey Nichols or not. It could have been rephrased. What with political tensions running the gamut. Do we really need to have phrases that we automatically associate with an act of terrorism?
    I mean seriously how many of you will hear the name KATRINA and not think of the hurricane that wiped out New Orleans?
    I found it lacking in creativity or originality and a tad too portentous."

  5. Looking at it from your perspective Kaya, I can completely understand your reaction.

    Except I think unfortunately most people out there don't have the analytical skills you have.

    An advertising-dummy like me would have never delved so deep into a black background with white type saying Forget London.

    I guess the way the graceful way with which the UK has dealt with the unfortunate 07/07 events has given way to a little bit of a fuck-up.

  6. Welcome sky.
    I like the way you put things.
    its very mellow and calming.
    Hmm yeah, I realise what you are saying.
    But its sad though don't u think?

  7. I look at it from your point of view, and I have to agree with sky that is very very deep. WOW!
    I have been seeing the adverts for a while and untill today didnt realsie the symbolism of the ads. Now everytime I see them I will find it unsettling.
    Brilliant observation. Well done.

  8. In an absolute terms, the ad is OK. Using HN corporate identity guidelines (the font, the black background ...etc)...

    However, as Kaya rightly mentioned, the sentiment this ad creates under the current situation (Iraq, 07/07/, danish cartoons ...etc) its mainly telling people: "Forget about going to London now .. its black its gloomy and its not welcoming you anymore. That is why we are gonna bring it to your doorstep."

    Someone must have been in a hurry when they signed off this teaser campaign.

  9. well i guess all they're trying to say is.. forget going to london to shop @ Harvey Nichols, you can do that here now..

  10. Well they could have incorporated in small font their other outlets in Leeds, Dublin, Manchester,Edinburgh,Birmingham, Riyadh and Hongkong etc.
    Whats the big friccking mystery anyway.
    Just another over rated arty farty Knightbridge hangout for the Sloanies.

  11. Arey baba, their head office is in London

  12. You're right Kaya, it's a little sad.

    And come to think of it, although the teaser campaign did in fact tease me, it wasn't very creative.

    But it sure has gotten people talking!

  13. Yes, they talkin.

    Mainly, wtf? is that...

  14. Hey Harsha. Aren't you very pro Harvey Nichols tho!
    Whats up? you are also being supportive on the spindoctors case. You know the spindoctors who created that piece of juvenile uncreative crap.

    @ sky
    You said it, very uncreative.

    @ anaonymous 4.59
    LMAO. WTF. Took the words out of my mouth.

  15. not being supportive, but just dint think thaaaaat much in depth of the ad, but yea last night on my way to college, when i saw it, i did realise how it could provoke ones thoughts.

    With WAQT aap bhi DARK and DEEP ban jayengi.

  17. Salam jee, kesi ho? Maine aap ko TAG kiya, Kaya. lol

  18. Well I think they got what they wanted...PUBLICITY..!!!


  19. Kaya ji, in 19 years ke guzre huve waqt main,I've had phases in my life that have made me comparitively darker n deeper. Trust me, I Dont want to grow up anymore. Bas zindigi yahi ruk jaaye toh acha hota , lekin life has to go on, and my future holds more dark phases which I know are to come and there will be some i have no clue about.

    I loved growing up in this place, I dont know whether Dubai wasnt as bad a few years ago or maybe I was too young to understand, I think the second assumption seems rather appropriate. At each step Dubai has uncovered its deep ugly secrets for me. lol but i wouldnt blame 'Dubai' for everything , some things just have to commence.

    Inspite of everything, I've had the best family and friends, best upbringing, mast zindigi , given my situation. Life is beautiful and will go on and hopefully I shall be able to handle the rest of it the way I have handled it so far.