Sunday, 19 February 2006

Budget Dubai

We visited Dubai on thursday.
Here are some pictures, which may not be anywhere as good as nzm but they are good for a laugh!Im also frickking tired of trying to publish this post which "zimmplyy" will not publish. the first one is after crossing the border.
TACKY being the order of the day, 1600 hours we had lunch at HIGHWAY INN( situated close to the recently departed OASIS CENTRE ...R.I.P)

Our old haunts in Dubai.So many memories and so many cups of good chaii.

It would seem the owner of BOOM BOOM doesn't remember it the way we do.
He got us our own personal escort.!(huhuhuhuh)

" LOWVE" (must be pronounced in a south indian accent)
The shindig .

Got some more ,but for now its all I can manage. But what happened on our way home was funny.I was taking pictures, and the flash went off. Suddenly a couple of cars slowed down in front of us.

It was this point with malicious glee that I realised I had a weapon in my hand. Now, with every trip to Dubai on the way back we inevitably get a few of those speed demons who need to throw everyone off the road and will start flashing you from a great distance.

Ok, you are thinking that people like this who have no respect for rules probably dont give a monkey's about a few "mukhaalfa's". But no harm in trying.

So I waited poised with weapon in hand for the next nutter who came speeding up like he had a jalapeno suppository up his nether end. And sure enough the God's did not dissapoint me.

No sooner had we changed the lane and he sped past us with great fury, that I took a picture. The bright light of the flash resulted in his immediate slowing down. We sped past him (now almost crawling), and laughed all the way home.

And that Professoré was the whole story.


  1. Hilarious!!

    Good stuff, Kaya - looks like you had fun - even if you didn't call me when in Dubai.

    I may never recover! lol

  2. Give it a break will ya!
    Like YOU even picked up all the other times I called\

  3. i recommend you remove pic no.3 asap.

  4. Yes, judging from previous events, please make an effort to conceal all number plates.

  5. Kaya...wake up and remove it please.
    I do not think, but I KNOW what will happen here.
    Oh shit. I will have to give you an early morning bell...

    Take all the pleasure out of the life of middle class housewife, will ya!

  7. Kaya, you're a dangerous housewife... hats off

  8. Sorry Kaya.
    Nice post....I can see you are starting to get into the in-law flow now....

    If you need a break, come on over for a bounce!

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