Thursday, 19 January 2006

ode to inlaws (outlaws)

Well the much dreaded day is here. Hubby and kiddies have gone down to Do Buy to pick up the inlaws.
Dang! I'm in the final nominations for sainthood.

They are arriving on a newish airline recently launched in Bakistan. Its called "BLUE AIR".
Its 4000 rupees cheaper per person, than our NATIONAL carrier B.I.A...sorry P.I.A.

The reason why I mention this is because the local agent for "BLUE AIR is the friend of a friend.
I had the misfortune to meet this guy at a BBQ at our mutual friend's house.
If ever in life you have met anyone who from the minute he says: HELLO, your hackles go up then this is the guy.
I have never in my entire life met a more sanctimonious, full of "it", little prick than this man.
Listening to him you would think he was Richard Branson.( Infact Richard Branson isn't a nasty piece of work at all but I meant as in an airline ownership comparision).

Considering this man isnt even the owner.
Far from it Mr.5 foot and my growth got stunted due to my petty mind, spent the entire night on the phone talking to airhostesses in a cooing soothing voice as if he was their agony aunt.
My God! I couldnt take it. I set about in my best fashion and before the evening was over I had moved dramatically from being "BHABI",( a generic term applied in our country to women who are brother's/friend's wives). Also used when you can't get into the aformentioned title's knickers, or dont want to.

Yes where was I?
Oh yes! From being BHABI to soto voce "BITCH". ie smart woman ,big mouth, not sucking up to me, Im such an important guy, and MAAAN I feel sorry for my brother married to her I bet she is frigid.

Gleefully I scissored him into smithereens - who the heck was he spouting all that shit to anyway. I have an advanced IATA degree in the travel industry, and 12 odd years of experience.

After that he just skirted around me and sulked like a little boy. Right! Just because today he is agent for some asswipe airline, and he has some shitty little power that lets him talk to chicks who wouldn't fart on him on any given day he thinks he is Mr.Viagra.

Like the song goes; THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH".

On this I leave you or I will continue to rant out all the bile, with a little ditty.
Check it out:here

Bugger it didn't work.
Whatever!!! try this the ole fashioned way


  1. Cold.

    And you were the one worried about Local Hero dissing you? You seem pretty dangerous yourself.

  2. Aah - that SMS (short man syndrome)- or should that be PMS (pathetic man syndrome) strikes again!

    Link is funny - would have squashed that bug myself if it had gone on for much longer!

  3. Yahya!
    The man was a CREEP!
    Honestly! Im weally wevvy wevvy nice!

  4. Kaya....take some comfort knowing that men like this usually get washed away fairly quickly.

  5. Unless they turn into Donald Trump...

    Kaya, by the way, I heard about this new airline but as we all know PIA doesn't lik the competition so it was said that the Gov. had told the airports to charge higher taxes or fees to this new arline in order to throw it off, so to speak...any news on that? Oh and do they fly to Europe as well? I feel an itch to visit Pak, it's been ages.

  6. LOL!!!! just opened the bug link... made my day, shukria jee!

  7. Hi Kaya!

    long time no hear from you!

    Are you surviving the in-laws?


  8. Hi there Shaykhspeara sha'ira and nzm.
    Gosh! thanks for msgs guys, my net has gone kaput ,its been over 10 days and then both the desktop and laptop went kaput too!
    Creepy or what.
    Inshallah shall be back a.s.ap
    Oh yeh nzm Im STILL ALIVE!

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