Sunday, 15 January 2006


leaf insect

This picture was taken during our summer vacations at the London zoo.
Is it a leaf? Is it an insect?
THE MAN upstairs.
He got GAME!

The London eye

This is by far one of my favourite pictures.Taken by my husband as we left the area, and he turned around for one last look.
NZM and her beautiful beautiful pictures inspired me to put a few of my own. Pictures that speak to me, bring back memories, and are just swell to look at!

ROOM WITH A VIEW Posted by Picasa

This is the view from our dining/drawing room window.
I have decided to depense with the formality of curtains altogether and gone for this look.
For me the most magical time is every afternoon, between 4-5 pm. The sunlight catches in just the right way and projects a kaleidoscope of jewel like colours on the opposite wall. It is a sight to behold.


  1. Awesome leaf insect pic, Kaya!

    And I love the London Eye shot too - shooting into the sun and getting a great shot like that!

    Stained glass is also a favourite of mine - I love to shoot the stained glass in churches. I have some great ones from a church in Austin, Texas - maybe I'll do a post about those!

    I'm happy that I inspired you to post these - thanks for acting and follwing through! I'll be looking for more of your images from now on!


  2. Kaya
    Nice to see you are around.

    I love your pictures. Love the stained glass look. I make stained glass windows as a hobbie. I tend to do that as well, use stained glass instead of curtains. I also like to redo old wooden doors and replace the old glass with stained glass victorian designs.

    I was less popular when the bathroom door went claim they can see each other through the door through one little piece of semi-opaque glass. Fights broke out, I got frustrated ... only kids would spend 20 minutes trying to see which of the 200 pieces of glass they could peek through.

    For sure, something about the light catching them mid afternoon . It's magical, almost spiritual.
    Good time of the day to have a tea and get Zen.

  3. NZM you must do the stained glass pictures of the church. i love stained glass, and saw some TIFFANY glass on a door at my aunt's. Ofcourse I always thought TIFFANY was just a jewellery outlet, and showed my ignorance when I looked at her dubiously as she mentioned it.
    But Tiffany or whatever the colours on it were just like crushed pomeganate and powdered emeralds. Amazing.

  4. Hey PAM! Nice to see you too. I have just been inundated with guests, and have just tomorrow before the inlaws come.
    My I am impressed! I wish I could make stained glass, but I must admit I have cheated. I have stuck on a roll of film.
    Lol! You are right about the kids! Only they can do that.

  5. I realised it wasn't real stained glass, but it sure does look pretty. It's a great idea.

    Good luck with the house guests.

    Weather update... -26c ...60km/hr winds... freezing rain and snow.
    *sigh* winter kinda sucks.
    New fancy snow brush mysteriously disappeared..had to use an old broom to brush off car this morning(You sure won't ever find me lining up at Ski Dubai).

  6. Pam whats ur email addy? I'll forward u something on snow. Should warm the cockles of your heart

  7. cockles need warming. Big time.

    And be nice to the in-laws .. they are family after all ( or something like that).