Monday, 12 December 2005


What kind of a dumb ass name is Fulla? Fulla what?
I wanted to buy my little one a bike, and I saw a BARBIE one at Co-op. Though I loathe Barbie and all her retarded values and have never encouraged the girls to be "BARBIE" fans, still I thought the bike was rather nice.
Unfortunately the size was a little small and next to it I espied a lovely liliac bike, and just the perfect size.
It was a "FULLA" bike. All very nice you think.
Guess how much it was? Its a whopping 329.00 Dirhams.
For a 3 year old, who will outgrow it in a very short time use it mostly on weekends, for me thats a bit TOO much.


  1. I like your blog....but the colour just freaks me out. all I can think of is kids streaming noses....sorry. I bet my pink blog makes you feel putrid. I think it was keefieboy who mentioned that mine was 'rather' pink...haha

  2. Oh and about the Fulla, well don't waste your money. and my daughter said the doll looked like a phoney muslim in her honest opinion.

  3. I TELL YA! Im not going to buy one of those anorexic dolls anyway. Covered or not. Shiksa or muslim.
    Id rather my girls played with puzzles,read books, or if dolls at all they prefer those ELC babies.

  4. PS
    Oh sorry you don't like the colour. I have a thing for lime green.
    Try viewing them through sunglasses ?

  5. Kaya..I like your blog as well. I like the way you say what is on your mind..and I like the way you put that belushi guy in his place the other day on sd's blog. He was wierding me out.
    I like the green. Reminds me of grannysmith apples.


  6. Another name that freaks me out is Conair.

    I thought it was some rip off brand from China but these days I see it everywhere.

  7. @ anonymous
    Thankyou. grannysmith reminds me of apple crumble. Yumm. Hot out of the oven and smelling of apples and cinnamon.
    Yes, you are right about Belushi tho. he reminds me of those baluchis back in Oman. Uneducated , ghetto types and drinking "REEM", perfume to get high because they cant afford to buy proper alcohol.

  8. @ akaroundpeg

    conair reminds me of CUNARD, and that dumb joke:"I work for CUNARD".
    ConAir? Isnt that one of those B grade airline movies?

  9. Yes its a movie you see ad nauseum on Star Movies.

  10. Lol you guys are funny with your cunard/conair.
    As for apple crumble.....come around anytime..I make a heavenly one with a really rich homemade custard (no royal powder in this house!!!)........talking of food I have a fantastic recipe for a self-saucing hot chocolate is totally awesome.....aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  11. Okay cg...I have a recipie for a self-saucing chocolate pudding as well. My mother gave me the recipie years ago and I have never known anyone else to ever have one. That's cool.
    And what do you do with custard in a crumble ? Put it on top ? I have never heard that..but I make great custard and willing to try it.


  12. CG and Pamela
    Now my anonymous has a name! : )
    MM yes I too love to make custard from scratch,(loathe those powder mixes, which taste more corn starchy every day).
    i got mine off from some telly programme. Though funnily enough the first time it came out heavenly, the second time it came out like scrambled eggs!(yuck)
    I think the milk was too hot. Its a tricky business. I have had crumble with hot runny custard and with vanilla ice cream. But tell me more about this chocolate pudding.
    You know some of these bloggers are doing this get together thingy and meeting.
    You know it would be nice though, only I would rather it was all anonymous, and we went in with masks. Very STONE MASON hush hush thing.

  13. Pamela
    Yes you pour your hot heavenly custard over the hot crumble....and sit down in peace and quiet and devour the lot.

    I will post the self saucing chocolate pudding on my blog after the weekend. Basically you put brown sugar over the top of the cake mixture when it is in the pan, then you pour boiling water over the top....somehow during cooking it all goes to the bottom and makes a nice gooey sauce under the cake/pudding. Do you want a microwave or oven version?

  14. @CG
    OVEN, darling!
    Never ate a microwave cake that I liked.

  15. cg..your chocolate cake recipie sounds the same as mine. It is soooo good. I will try your version as well.
    Your bloggers meet sounds fun. I kind of like the anonymous aspect of it all. I am not a blogger but it sounds like a great community to be a part of. A good way of expanding your world.
    And Kaya, I am addicted to your personality. You find words to express my thoughts. When I see comments from Belushi I now hold my breath and, wait till Kaya sees what he wrote. Honestly ,I have to reread what he writes a couple of times to see if he is really that stupid, or just trying to get attention. When he said he spent alot of time composing his comments I just shrugged. Whatever. Makes for good reading though. And nice to know my husband isnt the biggest idiot in the world afterall (Oops, did I say that out loud) :)

    Apple crisp is in the oven. Custard recipie is out and I have thought of nothing else all day. It will be a great treat. You two are not good for my waiste line.

  16. ok, wait a minute.I was just reading the comments from " the average " people for the Fulla doll. And there is no way that the comments from a 10 year old girl were genuine. No kid that age can write like that...sounded like an advertisement . What a load of shit. Can we believe anything we read ?

  17. kaya...the pudding is on my blog

  18. Pamela. Yes I read those comments from the supposed 10 year old. Crap! A genius and she needs to play with anorexic dollies?
    She should apply for Mensa.
    Hun, We are women and we are not meant to be good for your waistline, WE ARE GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL! :D
    Uff!! and that Balushi! He is the man responsible for milions of women becoming lesbians.

    10:15 PM

  19. CG: Im going now to ur site to chk out ur recipe. But will hv to wait till time of the month when I need my SUGAR FIX, to make it.( So I can truly appreciate it).
    On a tangent you guys link to a site by writing one little word like "THIS"as you have done to redirect to your blog.
    When you have finished rolling on the floor and laughing, tell me how to do it please.

  20. ok Kaya. this is hard to explain

    a h

    OK copy and paste that into a word it is all in one line ( I cannot do it here or else it will appear as a link)
    then you fill in the http bit with the link address and change the word 'this' to whatever word it is you want linked. try it.