Saturday, 17 December 2005

Welcome to the HOTEL RAMADA( apologies to Eagles)

Time and time again, I have encountered such acts of customer dis-service that it never ceases to amaze me HOW some people not only get a job, but: in a high profile job where dealing with customers is their specific job requirement.

Sorry to say ,most of them are women (secretaries, receptionists ,front desk staff at hotels). Its almost like they go to a finishing school to learn how to be RUDE, ignorant and downright STUPID.

Since this is about STUPIDITY and RUDENESS ( as opposed to arrogance, stupidity and rudeness, ie LEBANESE sales people).

Theres your fastfood joints which have a tendency to employ Egyptians or Pilipinas. Whereas the Pilipinas are not rude, they are generally dumb. That goes for most PILIPINAS working as receptionists as well.
Unable to take down a simple message for the person for whom you have called but "HER/HIS LIIIIYNE IS BEEEZEEE".

Your safest bet at a fast food outlet is to POINT at the designated picture featuring , "THE COMBO MEAL", and hoping it comes out right. God Forbid you ask to hold the mayo, or ice in your drink.
Oddly enough the Philipino Man is courteous and knowledgeable.

Carrefour is a class of its own. There they specially screen the staff to be as RUDE STUPID and ARROGANT as possible. Their standard chant is: "SORRY ITS NOT MY SECTION", and walking off.
One wonders WTF their section is , and if you ever cornered them in their section, and inquired about a product, even if it was in your and his/her line of vision they will tell you ,"ITS OUT OF STOCK".

Coming to hotels, which have mushroomed all over the place.
Esp in Dubai where the little "BOING BOING" inbetween whatever break you are taking. These are available by the hour, since there is no dearth of married people having their little "BOING BOING" on the side.
You could say these places have hit paydirt thanks to moral degradation. The reason why I emphasise on married, is purely because most SINGLE people have their own places, or shared arrangements. (Thats for accomodation, not sharing arrangements on BOING BOING).

Anyhow, yesterday the "MAN" called up that hotel in ABUHAIL, "RAMADA CONTINENTAL".
Heres the conversation:

MAN : Hello, I would like Room XYZ please.
Stupid Bitch : What is the name of the person.
Man : The person's name is Mr. John.
Stupid Bitch : What is his surname?
MAN : I do not know his surname. I have his room number.
Stupid Bitch : Without surname I cannot find room number.
MAN : But I am Giving you room number.
Stupid Bitch : Call back with surname.

AND SHE HUNG UP ON THE LINE!! Just like that!

My God! MAN GOT ANGRY! Man called back.
Now he asked to speak to the Night Duty Manager. The next 12 minutes were spent with the call being transferred from person to person, and the minute they knew it was a "COMPLAINT", it would be passed on to yet another IMBECILE.

By now the MAN had pretty much had enough, and just then when there seemed no light at the end of the tunnel.......someone came on , made the mandatory
obsequious reamrks, did nothing to help, and finally; disgusted , my husband disconnected the call.

The Ramada Continental is not a sleazy "WHAM BAM THANKYOU MAM" place by name as it is a chain and one would(mistakenly) expect some level of service.

But then thats DUBAI for you. Their eyes have become so JADED with the HOOKERS and their JOHNS that they tend to forget everyone is not in the same boat.


  1. "...The Ramada Continental is not a sleazy "WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAME"..."

    no comment

  2. MY APOLOGIES PREOFESSOR. Theres much I need to learn about Dubai , it seems.

  3. Actually for some reason any hotel located anywhere in deira/abu hail/or naif is classified as 'Sleazy'.

    Although many people on 'very limited budgets' would go and book rooms there because they would be more interested in sightseeing, and so on ... rather than if there room is overlooking burj al arab or Ummm.. 'the spectacular view of the unfinished jumeirah beach residence buildings just right opposite to Ritz Carlton!!!'

  4. Mrs.M Thankyou.
    Im off now to get dressed for my big BIRTHDAY DINNER!

  5. Happy Birthday to you and wish you a wonderful day!!

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    Happy Birthday

    may this day bring u jot and happiness and the realization of the fact that u are one year closer to your death..........(strike the last sentence)

    In all honesty have a great day

  7. ha! Try the Ikea staff at the new store they opened! You'd be amazed by the heights Stupidity and Arrogance have reached lately!

  8. Enjoyed a lot! »