Monday, 12 December 2005

Drunk gets two months for molesting shopper

Gulf news

Gee! Why didnt he have sex with her too. What wouldve happened? They wouldve given him another month or two.
Stupid woman. She should've kicked him in the balls while she had the chance.


  1. How in the hell could he get her bra off without removing the rest of her clothing....HUHHHH?????
    >>>>>>>>Slightly confused person here who has immense difficulty removing her own bra when fully clothed.

    And yes...she should have given him a major clonk in his goolies.

  2. Must've been one of those new fangled bras which go into "auto pilot" the moment one grabs a boob.
    Having said that the boobs in question didn't make too much of a fuss.
    God forbid had it been me, and esp in a public place,( where I would have felt safer than in a secluded area)I would definately have beaten the shit out of him.

  3. I cant believe this happened in such a public place. He must have been really , really drunk.

    In her place I would have taken advantage of what was at hand . A few cans of lima beans up side the head and a good ass kicking.

    When you consider the punishment for the are best to get a little in as well.

  4. still baffled about the bra. new fangled or fuddy duddy type (obvious which one i have!) I still cannot imagine it coming off just like that. maybe she wiggled and jiggled a bit for him....hmmm ......unless she was a Jumeirah Jane wearing a boob tube and one of those 'sticky' type bras...

    This story is still open me reckons until we have more details on the drop-on-touch-bra.

  5. Well knowing the continuity theme of GULF NEWS reporting, they write something up and totally forget there are actually people who read the paper other than looking at all those stupid 2 tonne PROPERTIES/CLASSIFIEDS and what not pages and expect a conclusion to a story.
    Newspapers suck out here.

  6. @b Anonymous
    If he was that drunk he should have passed out.
    I refuse to believe a person can get so drunk that they totally lose control. In that case medically the first thing to let loose would be bodily functions.
    Bollocks he knew from GRAB ONE just what he was doing.
    @ CG LOL
    Without being a case of TMI, my bra would probably need some tools from ACE HARDWARE to come off that way. I always send the old ones to the SALVATION ARMY so they can recycle them and make catapults out of them for the underprivelaged hunters.
    Apparently the FENG SHUI of having been nxt to a woman's boobs heightens their AIM and HUNTING skills!( ROFL)

  7. Wait! Wait! I got another one...
    Anybody trying to rip off my BRA would get WHIPLASH!( LMFAO}

  8. Anybody trying to sneak their hand into my bra will get lost.

  9. @CG You ought to get GPS installed in your bra.

  10. OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD! I dont believe it!