Sunday, 16 October 2005

The truth is OUT THERE

For those of you who do not believe in UFO's be warned this blog is not for pregnant women or for those suffering with heart disease.
Here is incontrovertible proof of their existence, that alien invasion is a factuality.Bonafide hard cold truth Folks!
No doctored pictures or flaky accounts from "DELIVERANCE" types or lank haired pimply space cadets.

A recent X file has been unearthed; which has an account of Alien Invasion; that has taken place in the home of a mild mannered housewife in Abudhabi.

Mrs.Jane Doe(names have been changed to protect the victim as she is currently being placed in a witness protection programme) owns a washing machine that has been taken over by aliens!!!!

It seems no matter how many times she washes clothes in the machine the day she chooses to wash WHITES, they always incontrovertibly develop streaks in either a rather sickening shade of pink or an indistinguishable shade of bluish murky gray.

The first culprit to be questioned was the detergent, however after a lie detector test, it turned out be innocent.
After many exhaustive tests, including highly classified and technical mumbo jumbo the conclusive proof pointed in the direction of the washing machine.

During a trial test run where SAC(special agent in charge) Clarice Starling was asked to sit and watch an entire cycle of WHITES being washed. She initially blamed her long time obsession Hannibal Lecter
But that was turned out to be incorrect because at the time he was preparing someone's brain with fava beans.
She pointed out how at the time of the spin cycle the machine would make mysterious groaning and clinking noises.

This led the agents in charge of the case to come to the eventual conclusion that it was conspicuously the work of Aliens.
Furthermore in cahoots with the machine is an accomplice in the shape of a little Leprechaun. Instantly recognisable by his accent and high pitched giggle.
The work of this mischief maker is purely to double, and at times triple the washload.
The victim insists that she has washed only a single item of a particular garment and placed it on the rack to dry.

But when the time comes to iron the said clothes; they have doubled,nay tripled in volume and as a result there is a "MOUNTAIN" of washed laundry to iron.
SAC Fox Mulder and SAC Dana Scully videotaped this little urchin at work but sadly by the time it reached the lab the "CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN", had replaced it with a home video of Saddam dancing the jig.
SAC's Scully and Mulder were unavailable for further comment and had gone off to Wild Wadi to check out the Jumairah Scareh.
Like most X files the case remained ambiguously unclosed but a text message from SAC Fox Mulder's phone read as this: TRUST NO ONE!


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