Wednesday, 19 October 2005

8 Simple rules....for using the indicator.

There are those people who do not remove the plastic covers of the seats, months after buying a brand new car. To retain that feeling of having a new car.
Cashing in on this phenomenon to appease the customer, car manufacturers now place protective plastic covers on everything in the car that includes car seats, steering wheel, gear stick and the fiddly bits that stick out known as indicator wand, wiper wand and cruise control.

In a survey conducted in the UAE on accident cars, specifically cars beyond repair one factor remained consistent and predominant in all vehicles.
The protective plastic covering on the indicators wands were totally intact.
Thus bringing to light that no matter how old the cars were, the plastic covers had not been damaged for the simple reason that the indicators had in fact never been used.
The report concluded that the majority of accidents were due to the fact that most drivers drove like raving lunatics and almost never used the indicators.

An 8 point bulletin is to be issued regarding the use of indicators in a bid to alert drivers as to their function and save lives.

1. The stick protruding from the left side of the driving wheel is not a wheel balancing accessory. To counter balance the ones on the right hand side. They have an alternative function of being moved up and down, not just front and back to blind oncoming vehicles with your headlights. This may be amusing but promotes road kill.
They can work individually unlike the hazard lights you will use to let the town know that you are with a wedding party or have won a football match.

2. Having established the function of moving them up and down. This connects them to little yellow lights that blink and allow the driver behind you of your intentions regarding your movement.

3. When you manically stop the car( for taxi drivers picking up customers), and decide to use any available curb or space totally oblivious to the fact that there may be someone behind you who is not psychic.

4. To allow you to safely navigate between lanes, because the person in front of you is driving at the correct speed but seriously cramping your style whereby you cannot put to test your delusion of being a Grand Prix racing car driver.

5. When u are looking for parking, and see a space becoming available in front of you,

6. When you are at the traffic lights and you are in lane no 2 which allows you to either go straight or take a turn. You need to use the indicator because Abu Dhabi traffic lights seem to play their own version of musical chairs and are not synchronized. Also because these lights will follow a random pattern 24/7.

7. When you are at the last few remaining roundabouts, and decide to exit, using the inner lane.

8. And finally you will use them, “BECAUSE YOU CAN”.