Monday, 19 September 2005

Change your life .....My A*SE

There comes a time in everyone's life when they cannot ignore the signals from the great beyond.then there are the non believers like me.Having typed my post not once but twice, this @%^@#%* notebook did a number on me.Not once but twice.Be warned fellow bloggers/blogees...theres mischief afoot tis a full moon tonight.Channel 32 is showing,"THE FUNERAL".........
Remember that magic lamp promotion from last year that really changed lives. So what I didn't win and I couldn't get that life saving operation(EXCUSE ME in some parts of the civilized world liposuction/abdominoplasty is a life saving operation.)for 30 dirhams one got 4 beautiful postage paid(no less) postcards which were a delight to send as well as recieve.Fast forward to 2005.
HORRORS!The picturesque local culture has been replaced by CARTOONS!!!(hmm me think something Freudian there....) Now the pack comes with complete instructions in 4 languages( in case you didnt get it right the first time).They may as well ask me to perform brain surgery with that booklet.But wait a RAY OF LIGHT!Theres a TOLLFREE number.However whether you suffer from Blood pressure/heart or circulatory problems or not DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER.Because THEY WILL NEVER CALL YOU BACK!
Finally after much consulting of tarot cards,their website and lunar charts I called their number which you are supposed to call If you win something.
AAAAAAAAAAh!Here is the macchiavellian twist.The et tu Brutus touch.
The lady informs me that for my 30 dirhams (well 31 actually 1 dh for the sms)I have to send an sms to register my number.Come wednesday there will be a draw.BUT the number can only be entered once and there is only 1 prize to win.So if you dont win .Well TOUGH TITTY SAID THE KITTY!
ladies and Gentleman of the jury I rest my case.Tis truly said ,"THERES A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE"!!!


  1. Whee hee hee haha. Yeahhh. Did ya read about that woman who picked up the 7Days issue that was worth $5,000? Man, that was lucky. ;-)

    I grew up in the eighties, too. I absorbed a lot of eighties pop culture.

    I can't say that it's better or worse than other eras, though.

    But the sixties and our current era is really different. A lot of changes were there and are now here.

    It's a good time to live and breathe!

  2. Hello kaya - if you like, please drop me a line at [my username here] at gmail, and I'll send you an invite to UAE community blog.